San Antonio Cycling Club
2016                                                                          Just for Fun      
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 Best Cycling Club in San Antonio

  • Ride Leaders on all rides
  • No one left behind
  • Easy to read maps
  • User friendly ride schedule
  • Website kept current
  • FaceBook site for messages and updates
  • Beginners and guests welcome
  • Rides in all parts of San Antonio and Hill Country






The San Antonio Cycling Club is a recreational road bike club that offers weekday and weekend rides.  Our club rides are in San Antonio and the nearby Hill Country areas.    We welcome cyclists of all skill levels.  All of our group rides have Ride Leaders, and on all rides, a sweep or SAG will be available if needed.  Our No-drop policy means, we never leave anyone behind.

We are a casual club and our members usually ride at  various speeds from 8 to 16 mph. 

About us

We created the San Antonio Cycling Club because we felt it was time to have a club that provides rides without the need of regulated club leadership.  So we eliminated club officers.  We also eliminated official club meetings with all the usual rules and regulations, including membership fees.  Our philosophy also includes the belief that anyone that wants to ride should ride...for free.  We want to keep the fun in cycling.

We kept what we feel are the more important aspects of a cycling club, such as a website that includes a ride schedule, maps, and ride leaders that believe no one should be left behind.
After each of our rides we welcome everyone, including guests, to join us for lunch where we usually end up discussing cycling.  It is from these discussions that we continue to improve SACC and its website.  If you feel we are your kind of club, join us on our rides and pick up a membership application.

We have one club jersey in stock ready for sale; size XL short sleeve. See Vern for details.

Due to the cold mornings during January and February, we will be starting most of the weekend rides at 10:00 AM.



      Ray Marqués, Co-founder and editor,  
   Vern Jeys, Co-founder and ride cordinator,

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