San Antonio Cycling Club 
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 Best Cycling Club in San Antonio

  • Ride Leaders on all rides
  • No one left behind
  • Easy to read maps
  • User friendly ride schedule
  • Website kept current
  • Blog site for messages and updates
  • Beginners and guests welcome
  • Rides in all parts of San Antonio and Hill Country
  • Experienced, effective, organized, and friendly







The San Antonio Cycling Club is a recreational road bike club that offers weekday and weekend rides.  Our club rides are in San Antonio and the nearby Hill Country areas.    We welcome cyclists of all skill levels.  All of our group rides have Ride Leaders, and on all rides, a sweep or SAG will be available if needed.  Our No-drop policy means, we never leave anyone behind.

We are a casual club and our members usually ride at  various speeds from 8 to 16 mph.  On many of our rides we have sub-groups, we call them the Cruisers and the Roadies, and occasionally, a few Group A cyclists.

The Cruisers  average from 8 to 11 mph, take several breaks and regroup along the way.  This sub-group is perfect for anyone wanting to take it slow and easy, or for beginners, or those wanting to do a shorter route. 

Our Roadies  average from 12 to 16 mph, take minimal breaks and usually ride on the longer routes.  This sub-group is perfect for those wanting a more moderate paced ride or those training for longer rides.  

Group A cyclists are those that average brisk paces greater than 18+ mph. We have a few of these riders, but since we have the best ride maps, they ride ahead on their own at their own pace. 

Our members say that the San Antonio Cycling Club should stay focused on the one thing that every recreational cyclist opportunity to ride their bicycles.  Ride with us on our next group ride.  Membership is not required and we always welcome guests, and beginners.  No reservations or rsvp required; just show up ready to ride!




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