Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

Tucked away in the beautiful hill country of central Texas, you’ll find a scene from an African safari when you visit the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch in San Antonio. From the comfort of your own car, you’ll see up-close wallabies, giraffes, and zebras. Llamas, antelopes, ostriches and others have even been known to come right up to your car for a treat. The park has over 50 species, including other favorites such as the buffalo, kudo, and Sicilian donkeys. Guests have been able to enjoy these animals in their true habitats, witnessing the animals fighting in horn-to-horn combat, mothers tending to babies, and even live births. You’ll see things here you won’t see at a zoo!

You also have the opportunity to get out of your car and get very close to the animals on the walking safari. You may want to keep an eye out for baby wallabies peeking out at you from the safety of their mother’s pouches!

The park is appropriate for all ages.
The park is open year-round. See schedule for exact dates and times.
Guests are permitted to drive or walk through the park at their leisure. Free parking is available.
Cameras and video cameras are permitted (and recommended!)
The park is handicap accessible.


Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch
26515 Natural Bridge Caverns Road
San Antonio, TX 78266
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