Texas BBQ Trail

Strap on your boots and travel Texas to taste the best slow-smoked over wood coals BBQ in the state. These mouth-watering family-owned joints serve thousands of customers every day. Regulars come in for the food and the chance to lick their fingers with friends and meet new acquaintances. For most, the pits boast as much history as the family who cooks over them. You won’t go hungry.

Whether you’re sitting down to a rack of their meat-fallin’-off-the-bone Signature Baby Back Ribs, or settlin’ in to tackle a slab of our special-recipe spare ribs, you’ll find that these Texas BarBQ joints couldn’t be any further from the big-chain restaurants. Each is special with its own hometown atmosphere and every part of their staff serves up only the best. They use the finest cuts of pork and beef and the freshest vegetables from local farmers. And everything they serve is a Texas original, from secret-recipe Bar-B-Q sauces and freshly-prepared side dishes right down to their famous, moist and tender, slow-smoked Bar-B-Q dinners.

Luling, Texas

City Market
633 Davis St.
Luling, Texas
(830) 875-9019

Located just off the main intersection in downtown Luling, this year-round hot spot for both tourists and locals is known throughout Texas borders and beyond. You won’t find any forks or plates in this historic place, but a trip through the back room with the pits and a friendly crew will provide you with meat so tender you won’t even have to chew. www.southsidemarket.com




Luling Bar-B-Q
709 E. Davis St.
Luling, Texas
(830) 875-3848

Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Closed Tuesdays. Established in 1986, this big red brick building sits next to Hwy 183 at the main intersection in downtown Luling. Our cafeteria-style restaurant is worth dining in or taking out. Our menu includes brisket, pork ribs, chicken, turkey, our sausage, and pork tenderloin. Combination plates are available with a choice of sides including potato salad, coleslaw, pinto beans, and macaroni and cheese. Visitors come from California to New York and every state in between. We offer custom cooking and catering services. Cash, checks, and credit cards accepted.


Elgin, Texas

Meyers’ Elgin Smokehouse
188 Hwy. 290
Elgin, Texas
(512) 281-3331

Meyer’s Elgin Smokehouses’ roots are naturally, in the sausage-making business. For four generations, the Meyer family has been turning out their amazing sausage based on recipes brought over from Germany by great-grandfather Henry Meyer. At Meyer’s Elgin Smokehouse, high-tech meets real Texas BBQ, and the combination is BBQ heaven. Meyer’s uses a process called vacuum tumbling. The meat is placed in a stainless steel drum. Spices and water are added, and the vacuum is pulled inside the container. The drum is then slowly rotated to lift and drop the meat to tenderize. At the same time, due to the vacuum, the spices are pulled into the meat, evenly seasoning the ribs, brisket, chicken or turkey breast throughout the meat, not just on the outside. The result is the most consistently juicy, tender, and flavorful BBQ you have ever experienced. cuetopiatexas.com


Southside Market & BBQ
1212 Hwy 290
Elgin, Texas
(512) 281-465

Founded in 1882, Southside Market & BBQ, Inc. has stood the test of time and has been a mainstay in the Elgin community. Ernest Bracewell took over the business in 1968 when he brought his family to Elgin from San Antonio. Since then, he has made the phrase “Elgin Hot Sausage” famous throughout BBQ folklore. Continued quality and consistency with the help of his wife, Adriene, and son, Billy, has contributed to this. Now, three generations of Bracewell’s work to bring you the original Elgin Hot Sausage that has been perfected over the years but not changed to compromise the quality of real Texas BBQ. You can buy your meal by the pound and eat it on butcher paper, or order a plate lunch! Just don’t forget the fixings, which include: pinto beans, potato salad, pickles, jalapenos, onions, bread and crackers and, of course, that famous homemade hot sauce and barbeque sauce! Don’t forget to enjoy the Bluebell ice cream. You can also purchase your meat fresh at the meat market, or already BBQ’d. The whole Bracewell family welcomes you to sample a little piece of Texas history. Enjoy! Southside Market & BBQ, Inc. www.southsidemarket.com


Lockhart, Texas

Black’s Barbecue
215 N. Main St.
Lockhart, Texas
(512) 398-2712

Located in downtown Lockhart is Texas’ oldest major barbecue restaurant continuously owned by the same family – since 1932. We smoke our meats over hardwood for hours to create a flavor that is enjoyed by our excellent customers throughout the United States. Some of our accolades include Gourmet – “the best BBQ in the heart of Texas, and therefore the best on earth.” Travel Holiday – one of their 25 Great American Trips is a visit to Black’s BBQ. Texas Journey – “the sausage is the best…”. Business Week – “the tastiest slow-smoked brisket…”. Money – “puts the rest of the regions hot links to shame.” Try us yourself, and you be the judge. We will even provide you a fork, plate, and various side orders to complement your barbecue. www.blacksbbq.com/lockhart


Chisolm Trail Lockhart Bar-B-Q & Hot Sausage
1323 S. Colorado St.
Lockhart, Texas
(512) 398-6027

Chisholm Trail Lockhart Bar-B-Q & Hot Sausage is located at 1323 S. Colorado and started operations in 1978. Chisholm Trail serves barbecue brisket, fajitas, beef and pork ribs, pork chops, chicken, ham, turkey and their recipe sausage. In a town where sides can be few and far between, Chisholm Trail BBQ has a large cafeteria-style hot food bar including pinto beans, green beans, fried okra and squash and salad bar with traditional coleslaw, potato salad plus numerous individual salads. Fried Catfish (M-W-F) and hand-breaded Chicken Fried Steak (T-TH) are the weekly specials. Desserts include homemade Peach Cobbler with soft ice cream. All barbecue is sold by the pound, wrapped in butcher paper, by the plate with three sides or as a family meal. Open seven days a week. 8 am – 8 pm. The local’s favorite. lockhartchisholmtrailbbq.com


Smitty’s Market
208 S. Commerce St.
Lockhart, Texas
(512) 398-9344

Nina Schmidt Sells established Smitty’s Market in 1999 in the building that housed her father’s Kreuz Market for more than 50 years. The market sits in the same location where barbecue has been sold in Lockhart since the turn of the last century. According to Texas Monthly Magazine, Smitty’s maybe the best barbecue in Texas and by their count at least in the top five barbecue restaurants in the state. Sit down to smoked meats from pits that have been seasoned for decades. Brisket, pork chops, and sausage are among the daily fare and pork ribs make Saturday and Sunday special. Potato salad, slaw, beans, avocado, onion, cheese and jalapenos are also on the menu. Wash it down with an ice-cold Shiner Bock, RC or Big Red. Located at 208 South Commerce just off Hwy 183 in Lockhart. (512-398-9344 smittysmarket.com


Taylor, Texas

Louie Mueller’s Barbecue
206 W. 2nd St.
Taylor, Texas
(512) 352-6206

Your visit to Louie Mueller’s Barbecue will invigorate your sense of sight, smell, and taste. The old wooden gymnasium is preserved with hours of oak wood smoke. First started in 1949, Bobby & Trish Mueller and Assistant Managers Lance Kirkpatrick and Emily Hall, serve only fresh meats and vegetables every day. Their sauce is a peppery liquid and the coleslaw and potato salad are made with real mayonnaise. Their sausage is 100% beef. Louie Mueller is listed as one of the top 25 barbecue restaurants in the world and one of three top restaurants in the state. Visitors come from England, Thailand, Japan, and all 50 states just to marvel the taste of what some call a …”master cook”. www.louiemuellerbarbecue.com


Taylor Cafe
101 N. Main St.
Taylor, Texas
(512) 352-2828

Located in the oldest building in downtown Taylor, Taylor Cafe has been serving slow-cooked meats in a honky-tonk atmosphere for more than 50 years. A half-century of practice has perfected the meats Vencil Mares serves customers today. A staple of most Taylor family gatherings and internationally famous, Taylor Cafe serves up brisket, sausage, turkey sausage, chicken, ribs, potato salad, beans and tea flavored with lemon. To experience the restaurant and then taste the food, there’s none better. Taylor Cafe is located at 101 N. Main in the red tin building. Hours are 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven days a week. taylorcafe.food-pi.com