Best Fat Bikes in 2022: Top 10 Affordable Fat Bike Reviews

If you’ve been thinking a lot of getting a fat bike, then you have come to the right place! In this post, you’re going to read some reviews of some of the best fat bikes currently available on the market. Additionally, you’re going to find a list of some of the top things you need to consider when you go to buy a fat bike on your own. With this information in mind, it will be simple for you to go out and buy the fat bike that will be the best for you and will meet all of your needs.

Best Fat Bikes for 2022: Reviews

1. Aluminum Fat Bikes with Powerful Disc Brakes Gravity Monster

If you are the type of person that love to have the choice to choose between a bunch of different colors when it comes to your bike, you’re going to like what this bike had to offer because there are 6 different colors for you to choose from so you can easily go with the best option to fit your personality and style.

In addition to the color, you’re going to enjoy a fantastic quality strong aluminum frame on the bike to keep you rolling along!

Furthermore, you’ll enjoy the powerful Tektro disc brakes in both the front and rear of the bike along with the superior 16-speed drivetrain components from SRAM. The super-wide 4 inch tires are great because they allow you to ride the bike just about anywhere you want to and you won’t be slowed down by the terrain.


  • Strong aluminum
  • Disc brakes front and rear
  • SRAM drivetrain components
  • Wide four-inch tires
  • Four color options


  • Tough to put together
  • A lot of adjustments needed
  • Aluminum Fat Bikes with Powerful Disc Brakes

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2. Kawasaki Sumo 4.0 Fat Tire Bicycle

When it comes to motorcycles, everybody knows about Kawasaki and the great motorcycles they build but that same success translates to fat bikes as well, even though they are not talked about as much.

This bike comes with an 18.5-inch aluminum diamond frame along with a U-Bridge rigid fork. In terms of the wheels and tires, you’re going to enjoy black rims with WD hard pack fat 26-inch tires that are 4 inches wide.

The drivetrain on this bike is also excellent because it comes with 21 different speeds and Shimano trigger shifters for a simple and easy gear change each and every time.

In terms of some of the other features you are going to find on this bike, you’ll enjoy aluminum 600mm handlebars along with disc brakes in both the front and back to help make sure your bike stops in all conditions whenever you need to.

Additionally, you’ll find a Promax seat post and an alloy stem for comfort and functionality. Lastly, in terms of extras, you’re going to love the Neco headset and the bolt-on Krypton grips to get the best results possible with this bike.


  • Aluminum diamond frame
  • Black rims
  • 21-speed drivetrain
  • Shimano trigger shifters
  • Quick-release seat post


  • Very heavy bike
  • Assembly is tough
  • Kawasaki Sumo 4.0 Fat Tire Bicycle

3. Diamondback Bicycles El Oso Grande Fat Mountain Bike

As you’ll see discussed in a lot more detail below, if you want to get one of the better bikes on the market, then you’re going to need to spend a lot of money in order to get it and this bike is one of the best examples of that.

It comes in five different sizes so that you can easily find the right size to fit your height. The frame on this bike is 6061-T6 aluminum frame and fork along with hydroformed tubes and the bike as a whole is capable of fitting tires up to 26” by 5”, IN terms of the fork, it is a DB El Oso custom rigid form with a 15mm thru-axle and the rear derailleur is an SRAM X5 10-speed to help give you the best results possible.

Additionally, the FSA double chainring crank helps to give you 20 different speeds to choose from while the mechanical disc brakes will help to make sure you can stop no matter what speed you are going in any conditions you might face. As mentioned earlier, the tires are going to be around 5 inches wide which means it is more than enough to ensure the bike can go anywhere you might need it to.


  • 6061-T6 aluminum frame
  • 26×5” tires
  • Custom rigid fork
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • 20 speeds to choose from


  • Front shocks are absent
  • Diamondback Bicycles El Oso Grande

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4. GMC Yukon Fat Bike

If you want to find one of the more affordable options that you can find on this list, this might be your best choice as it is easily the best value when you consider the features that it includes as well as the price you pay for it.

Like a lot of the other options you have seen and will continue it comes with an 18” aluminum frame and the tires on this bike are 26” and 4” wide, which means it is slightly smaller compared to some of the 5” models you have already seen.

In terms of the gear and the other components of the bike, you’ll enjoy a bike with 7 speeds along with Shimano rear derailleur and shifter to help make sure you get a strong and smooth shift every time.

The brakes are cable disc brakes and are in both the front and the rear and you’ll also enjoy a high tensile steel fork for strength and durability.


  • 18” aluminum frame
  • 4” wide tires
  • Shimano shifter and rear derailleur
  • Seven-speed
  • Front and rear disc brakes


  • Adjustments are necessary
  • Too many issues
  • GMC Yukon Fat Bike

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5. Framed Minnesota 2.0 Fat Bike

This is another great option that you can go with if you want to find a great bike without spending a ton of money and also without having to sacrifice features in order to save some money.

There are a lot of different options for you to choose from when it comes to the size of the bike so you can easily find the best size to fit your height and weight.

The gears on this particular bike are 2×9 and the frame is similar to a lot of the other ones because it is a 6061 aluminum alloy frame that is strong and durable to hold up in most situations you will face.

Similar to the frame of this bike, the fork is a framed 6061 rigid alloy fork and there are a lot of other options you will find that you like such as a Promax bolt-on seat clamp to help make sure even the seat is made with some of the best components.

Lastly, when it comes to this bike, you’ll find that the crankset is a great option to have since it is a Truvativ 38/28T chainring to ensure you get the result you want.


  • 2×9 Gears
  • 6061 Alloy frame
  • Framed 6061 rigid alloy fork
  • Promax bolt-on the seat clamp
  • Truvativ crankset


  • Too many adjustments need to be made
  • Overpriced for what you get
  • Framed Minnesota 2.0 Fat Bike

6. Mongoose Argus 26″ Fat Tire Bike

When it comes to mountain bikes, typically Mongoose is one of the better brands you will find and you often hear a lot about it and you’ll be happy to know that the same is true when it comes to fat tire bikes like this one right here.

It comes with the same things you would see in a mountain bike thanks to Mongoose mountain aluminum hardtail frame and fork.

You’re also going to find a Shimano drivetrain with Shimano M670 SLX front and rear derailleurs with Shimano SL M610 10 speed trigger shifters for a smooth and easy shift at all times.

The brakes on this bike are also great thanks to the Tektro HD290 hydraulic dual disc brakes and brake levers along with the 100mm alloy rims. The stainless steel spokes help to make sure you get the strong and durable bike you pay for and you’ll also find that the tires are standard like the other bikes with 26 inches x 4 inches wide. Last but not least, you’ll get 24/38 double chainrings and an FSA bottom bracket.


  • Mongoose brand name
  • 100mm alloy rims
  • Hydraulic dual disc brakes
  • Shimano drivetrain
  • Aluminum hardtail frame and fork


  • No clear cons to mention
  • Mongoose Argus 26″ Fat Tire Bike

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7. Diamondback Bicycles El Oso Complete Fat Bike

When I mentioned earlier about needing to spend a lot of money in order to get the best bike, this is exactly what I was talking about because even though this bike is really expensive, you’re going to find it comes with a ton of great features to help offset the cost.

In addition to the unique blue color bike that is actually hard to find when you compare it to some of the other bikes, you’re also going to enjoy a 6061-T6 aluminum frame along with hydroformed tubes.

Furthermore, you’re going to find a 1.5”  tapered headtube along with the capability to support tires that are five inches wide.

Getting into the more technical details of this bike, you’re also going to find that you get the Rockshox Bluto 120mm fork along with a 32mm stanchion that has a rebound and lockout adjust.

Last but not least, you’re going to enjoy Shimano 447 hydraulic disc brakes that allow you to stop in all conditions you might face.


  • Strong aluminum frame
  • Fits up to 5 inch wide tires
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Blue color
  • Plenty of size choices


  • Very expensive
  • Diamondback Bicycles El Oso Complete

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8. SE Bikes F@R Fat Bike

This is another option that might seem to be a little expensive at first but you’re going to find that it comes with a lot of great features to help make sure you get the results you want for the price you pay. You can choose between a couple of different sizes to help make sure the bike fits you in the best way possible.

In terms of the frame, you’re going to enjoy a custom-tapered 6061 alloy along with a semi-integrated headset, In terms of some other features on the bike, you’ll find an oversized seat tube, water bottle mounts, replaceable hanger, and symmetric rear stays so you get the best overall experience possible.

Weinmann double alloy wall rims on this bike also come with a quick-release front hub and thru-axle rear. The tires on this bike are also exceptional and allow you to put some of the widest tires that you can find on this bike.

In addition, the Shimano parts and components on this bike are plentiful because you get Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and levers along with Shimano front and rear derailleurs to give you ten speeds overall.


  • Custom alloy frame
  • Double wall alloy rims
  • 4.7” wide tires
  • Shimano hydraulic brakes
  • Shimano front and rear derailleurs


  • Breaks too easily
  • Wheelset could be better
  • SE Bikes F@R Fat Bike

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9. Mongoose Vinson Fat Tire Bike

It was mentioned earlier in this post, but you’re going to find that Mongoose bikes are one of the better options you can go with and this fat tire bike is a great option, especially if you don’t want to spend as much money as you would on the previous Mongoose bike that was reviewed above.

This aluminum fat bike frame and rigid fork are sturdy and durable which can be a huge benefit to you because it allows you to enjoy a rugged riding experience at all times without worrying about your bike.

In addition to everything else, the 24-speed SRAM trigger shifters and Shimano front derailleur along with rear derailleur help to give you incredibly smooth-shifting at all times as well as a wide, versatile gear range for maximum performance.

The dual mechanical brakes are great because it gives you great braking in all conditions and the four-inch-wide fat tires help to make sure you can handle everything that you might encounter while riding this bike.


  • Mongoose aluminum fat bike frame
  • 24-speed trigger shifters
  • Dual mechanical disc brakes
  • Four-inch wide fat tires


  • Customer support could be better
  • Mongoose Vinson Fat Tire Bike

10. Alton Mammoth 2.0 / Fat-Tire Bike

Last but not least, this is going to be another great option to go with if you want to find a mid-range bike that won’t set you back a ton of money.

With a lot of different sizes available and a lot of great features, there are very few things to find wrong when it comes to this bike.

You’re going to get a 26” aluminum alloy frame that is strong and durable along with Shimano shifters for a smooth and easy gear shift every single time.

In terms of the bike, you’re also going to get Shimano front and rear derailleur so that you get the best overall results and you’re also going to find that the item weighs in at 43 pounds, which isn’t bad when you consider the weight of some other fat-tire bikes.


  • Alloy frame
  • Shimano shifters
  • Shimano front and rear derailleurs
  • Lightweight
  • Nine-speed


  • Wheels could be better
  • Assembly is tough
  • Alton Mammoth 2.0 / Fat-Tire Bike

Best Fat Bikes: Things To Consider


If you happen to have a lot of money, then maybe the budget you set for yourself when it comes to buying a fat bike isn’t going to be much of a concern. However, most individuals don’t have this kind of luxury so it is important to make sure that you set some sort of a budget for yourself. During your search, you will see fat bikes range anywhere from a few hundred dollars all the way up to thousands of dollars so you’re going to see a massive price range to choose from.

My suggestion would be to figure out what you want to spend and what you can afford to spend and then make your decision based on that. Otherwise, you’re going to find yourself with far too many options and you may spend more than you wanted to.


This is the part where you need to strongly consider when you are going to use the bike and what you will use it for. If you plan on just riding in the snow for fun, you’re going to find that you won’t need as many mounting points for your gear.

If you want to explore, then you don’t need to buy a bike built for speed. One of the biggest misconceptions is that this bike is going to be used in the winter only, but you’ll find there is plenty of use for it during all four seasons.


No matter which frames material you choose, you’ll find that they are all great choices and you really can’t go wrong when it comes to choosing between steel, aluminum, carbon, and titanium. Every material is going to have it’s benefits and negatives so you need to value which is most important to you.

Steel is heavier, resilient, easy to repair and inexpensive while carbon is a lot lighter but more fragile and expensive. Try to ride a couple of different bikes to get a feel for what you like and would want the most.


There are two main choices for you to choose between when it comes to the brakes of your bike and that is either mechanical or hydraulic. The mechanical brakes are going to be cheaper than the hydraulic ones. When comparing them, you’ll find that both are going to have the power to stop you and both will freeze up if they get wet and cold. However, you will find that the hydraulic brakes can provide you with a bit more stopping power.


I wish there was a way around this, but tires are expensive and tires will continue to be expensive for as long as they are around. Almost every company that makes tires are going to have one for fat bikes and you may even find some that offer them in different rubbers and colors.

In most cases, the tires that come with your bike are going to be more than enough for most types of rides but if you want to put more mile and heavier use on your bike, it might be worth looking to upgrade.


If you are riding this bike in the winter, then it is important for you to understand that you most likely do not need front suspension. While it can be nice to have, it just adds weight and can be a big problem in cold weather.

The carbon fork is going to be one of the best options you can find and a suspension fork will certainly be necessary if you decide that you are going to use this bike in more than just the winter.

Studded or Not Studded Tires

If you are planning on riding on ice or you have gone on ice before, you are going to find that you absolutely want studs for your bike because it can make all the difference in your ride and it can be considerably safer as well.

They are much more expensive but there are some alternative methods of putting your own studs on the tires as a solution as well. Whatever you choose to do, remember that the studs in your tires can ruin the tires for any other type of riding you might plan on doing.

Final Verdict On Best Fat Bikes

While I certainly wouldn’t expect you to be an expert when it comes to the best fat bikes, I hope you have at least learned some helpful information that can be used during your decision-making process. If you still in confusion, we recommend Kawasaki Sumo 4.0 Fat Tire Bicycle as the best fat bike available in the market.

Not only have you learned what are some of the top things you should consider when buying a fat bike, but you also read some product reviews of some of the best tires on the market. With this information in mind, you should have no problem picking out the best fat bike to meet all of your needs.