Best Road Cycling Clothes

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Getting the right kit and clothing can make a massive difference both in terms of your comfort on the bike as well as your performance. It’s also quite nice to (think) that you look cool although, despite what many cyclists think, I really do think it’s a hard look for a lycra clad middle aged man to pull off!

Here are some of the road cycling clothing items that I have and use myself as well as some further recommendations.

Best Road Cycling Waterproof Jacket

I currently own an Altura NV2 waterproof jacket and am very happy with it. I have been caught out in completely torrential rain with it and it has kept the upper part of my body completely dry. Obviously the rest of me was wringing wet but the Altura did it’s job. It is cut really well and has a nice close fit and a good general feel of quality material about it. The zip also works smoothly and there is a good pocket with a waterproof flap at the back.

Altura Cycling Jacket San Antonio Cycling club

I guess all waterproofs will keep the heat in to a certain extent but I have found the Altura to be reasonably breathable. I have even worn it on dry but very cold and windy days to keep the wind out and it does this job well too without becoming too hot inside.

Altogether a good buy and one that I would definitely recommend!

Best Road Cycling Leg Warmers

If you cycle in cold weather you can, of course, buy a full body suite. However, if you are like me and prefer not to spend any more money than you have to then your normal bib shorts coupled with a pair of leg warmers will do the trick almost as well. Leg warmers are basically fleecy thick tights, they are generally zipped in at the bottom and elasticated at the top. Sexy! Bear in mind that your shorts will then go over the tights where they join rather than the other way round – it does look slightly better that way!

Endura Thermolite warmers leg san antonio cycling club

I have a pair of Endura Thermolite leg warmers which I have, at least until a week ago, to be tough durable and most importantly warm in even the coldest weather – they are also vaguely water resistant as well. Then, last week I came off my bike for the first time in many years, landed on one knee with the leg warmers on and ripped a big hole in them (as well as my knee!) In fairness it could have been a lot worse if I wasn’t wearing the leg warmers and they did offer some protection.

Anyway, I would highly recommend these and I will get the same Endura Thermolite brand when I replace them.

Best Road Cycling Bib Shorts

For me, the “best” road cycling shorts are the most comfortable which is why I am currently riding in a pair of Sportful Total Comfort bib shorts. When you are on a ride 50 miles from home and your backside is killing you, you will not care how much you have to pay for comfort so, even though they are quite expensive, the Sportful bib shorts are worth every penny.

the Sportful Total Comfort pants san antonio cycling club

These shorts have a thick pad which, for me at least, seems to provide a good deal of comfort. I rode my 100 mile ride in these shorts without too many issues although I do find, that for long rides, they are more comfortable if you are down on the drops rather than in an upright position.

Highly recommended – the Sportful Total Comfort bib shorts.