Top 10 Best Bicycle Helmet

Best Bike Helmets


As with many road cycling accessories you are completely spoilt for choice when choosing a helmet. You will possibly need to make a more specialized choice of helmet if you want/need something particularly ultra-lightweight or aero but, for a majority of people, you just can’t go wrong with the Giro range of helmets.

Giro Foray Cycling Club San Antonio

So, hopefully, that’s helped to narrow down the options somewhat and saved you some time and effort! Personally, I own a nice red and black Giro Foray helmet which I have been really pleased with. It’s the only helmet I own and I can’t personally see any reason to change it or upgrade at the moment.

Giro Foray Bike Helmet

At the time of writing Amazon is advising that there is relatively low stock on the Foray helmets so, just in case they discontinue them I have had a good look at an alternative from the Giro range as well as a couple of other offerings below.

So, as an alternative to a Giro Foray, the Giro Cinder MIPS would be my first choice. This helmet is a more budget version of their excellent Synth flagship helmet and features MIPS (Multi-directional impact system). This basically means that it is more effective when hit from the side with a glancing blow than a non-MIPS helmet.


More expensive option Bicycle Helmet


If you wanted to upgrade further the Giro Aether MIPS is an outstanding helmet and has great reviews. It has MIPS “spherical” technology which encases the extra protection between two shells and makes it super comfortable. The helmet has a six-piece shell with extra wide and deep vents for extra air circulation.

Giro Foray Helmet Cycling CLun San Antonio

Super cool looking option – I actually really like the Kask Protone. Partly because of the brand name but also just because this is a super cool looking, sleek, lightweight good venting helmet. Am I cool enough/fast enough/young enough to wear one? Probably not but you may well be!!


Chileaf Men’s Bike Helmet

Safe- CHILEAF bike helmet is specially designed for adult & Youth rider. Material of thickened multi-density EPS foam inside helmet absorb impact energy effectively to minimize the risk of harms to head in crash, and extended rear shaped guarantees full protection to cranial part of head.

Fashionable, adjustable, comfortable bike helmet get it – you won’t regret it does the job well and keeps your head safe from tumbles i wear it in the office so people think I have issues – but really I just love this

SG Dreams Helmet

Made of high density and Durable PVC & PC, EPS foam, absorbing the impact and effectively reducing the shock pressure to protect the head during a crash.

Mens hemet Cycling Club San Antonio

Love it. It the most comfortable helmet I’ve worn. started using this for my trail rides and I find it comfortable and unobtrusive. It’s very lightweight. If you go through a number of helmets in a short period of time, then you are in luck! Avoid the disappointments associated with other multi-sport helmets that are made of the cheap polycarbonate shell. Invest in our sturdy, adjustable bicycle helmet that is extremely durable and built to last.

MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet

With built-in USB rechargeable rear light which is waterproof and rainproof, the helmet guarantees the highest possible protection and visibility on the city roads. 9 lighting modes selectable, it will help people behind you clearly recognize your direction, safer in night cycling. Fast charging, fully charged in just 2 hours.

MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet Cycling Club San Antonio

Soft and comfortable padding inside the bicycle helmet helps absorb sweat and can be easily removed and washed. Come with 2 red linings, one normal lining, and one mesh lining. would like to begin this review by assuring everyone that I know quality helmets. I daily a MIPS Fox Flux and a Fox Ranger, and I downhill a Fox pro-frame. I got this helmet for my younger brother but I of course put it through the test before giving it to him. Not only is this helmet incredibly comfortable, but it’s also well thought out. The light on the back of the helmet is extremely bright. T