Best Bike Helmets – Reviews

Best Bike Helmets - Reviews

Safety should always be your number one priority when heading out for a ride. No matter where you turn, accidents can happen. Furthermore, helmets are required by law in many states and countries. (Check your local regulations for required Bike Helmet tags and other specifications.) The best bike helmet protects your head, is comfortable, keeps you cool, and increases performance.

best bike helmets

A bike helmet is the most important cycling accessory you can buy. Helmets have been designed to protect the head from impacts of all kinds.

The following review will highlight the key features to look for in a reliable biking helmet. Taking the time to consider how the features of a bike helmet will affect your routine can improve your safety and extend your cycling experience indefinitely.

Key Considerations for the Best Bike Helmet


There are three basic types of bike helmets: multi-use or recreational, road bike, and mountain bike. All are designed to be comfortable, lightweight, and durable. Their different design features provide special protection for the most common impacts in each category.

Recreational Bike Helmets

Recreational bike helmets are an economical option for all types of cycling and even inline skating and skateboarding. These often feature a visor to ward off the sun’s rays and air vents for moisture control.

Road Bike Helmets

Road bike helmets are lightweight, well ventilated, and have aerodynamic designs. On long-distance rides, every gram, and unit of wind resistance decreases efficiency. Road helmets do not have visors.

Mountain Bike Helmets

Bike helmets designed for mountain biking feature plenty of ventilation for low speeds. There is additional protection for the back of the head, and a snug fit for minimal movement when bouncing along rough terrain. Visors are also necessary for blocking the sunlight. Extreme mountain bike helmets even feature facial protection, as steep drops can be unpredictable.


Many helmets use a weight-efficient construction that fuses outer and inner shells for increased strength – this is called “inMold” technology. It is a popular feature for cycling enthusiasts looking to trim down the weight of the helmet, and it improves energy efficiency.

The outer shell of the best bike helmet will maintain integrity upon impact. It is also puncture-proof and slides against surfaces to protect the neck from direct impact. The inner shell should be made of a material that dissipates the force of the impact, keeping your neck, skull, and brain safe. Polystyrene foam is the most common material. A comfortable fit is essential.

MIIPS technology — many design models feature a system that provides increased protection from rotational forces. Helmets like this have a layer that provides low-friction to the impact-absorbing inner shell. This allows it to rotate for a few millimeters. This single feature adds considerable brain protection in particular accidents.

Best Bike Helmet Review

Giro Revel Unisex Bike Helmet Review

Serious cyclists in all categories will appreciate the lightweight design and all-round features of the Giro Revel Bike Helmet. High-performance road racers will enjoy the “inMold” fused components that provide lightweight, reliable protection. Road bikers can remove the featured visor to lighten their load even further and make the helmet more aerodynamic.

Best Bike HelmetFor mountain bike riders, the visor may be a good option for keeping the sun out of their eyes. Mountain bikers will appreciate superior ventilation that allows for air passage even when crawling up a steep incline. 22 air vents allow for improved moisture control and increased comfort during hard pedaling.

The Giro Revel is also a great option for the urban commuter to make their way through dangerous traffic. Not just strong, but stylish as well. The attractive design of the Giro Revel is available in a whole spectrum of colors. A unique fitting system called Acu-DialTM makes this a good fit for any rider.

Schwinn Thrasher Adult Helmet Review

The Thrasher Adult model from Schwinn has some pretty advanced features for optimal safety and performance. An integrated light at the back of the helmet alerts approaching motorists to your presence on the road. You might avoid an accident altogether.

Best Bike HelmetBut in case of a spill, your head is protected with a durable ABS foam inner shell. This material is lightweight so that the helmet weighs only 0.22 pounds. A modern aerodynamic style also cuts down on wind resistance and improves pedaling efficiency.

The Thrasher Bike Helmet can be easily adjusted while on the go. An innovative chin strap buckle design makes it possible to perform adjustments without having to stop. To protect you from excessive heat, 20 ventilation panels allow for the transfer of air and moisture. The Thrasher features a snap-on visor that can reduce solar glare and improve visibility.

Team Obsidian Premium Bike Helmet Review

The Premium Bike Helmet from Team Obsidian offers next-level protection features and versatility in design and function. Impressive safety features include a solid EPS safety layer for fully dispersing impact from hard falls, which is commonly found in mountain bike helmets. Inner and outer shell layers have been fused with “inMold” technology for stronger yet lighter construction.

Best Bike HelmetThe design is also modern and convenient. With this helmet, modern commuters can enjoy superior all-around protection while sporting an improved Oval-shaped design. It even allows the rider to wear a ponytail. This improved design features a classic Matte Black color for a sophisticated look.

If you have concerns about the perfect fit, the Team Obsidian Bike Helmet has an innovative adjustment system. The buckle and strap can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to ensure the fit is snug and safe. For improved comfort, 22 strategically placed air vents whisk away moisture and keep your head cool.

The way your bike helmet fits is essential to your riding experience and overall safety. This product is a one-size-fits-all option that delivers. And since it’s backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee provided by the manufacturer, you can send the item back if it just doesn’t fit right.

The strong all-around protection may be ideal for the mountain biker, but even commuters and road racers can appreciate the superb ventilation and comfort of the Team Obsidian Premium Bike Helmet.

Bell Slant Bike Helmet Review

The Slant Bike Helmet from Bell offers the cyclist all the essential features of a regular bike helmet. It features a simple aerodynamic design, which is also modern and attractive. The various color options are perfect for making an impression on the track or on your way to work.

Best Bike Helmet

You can expect superb impact protection from the “inMold” polycarbonate shell. The superior materials and construction dissipate force and protect the head and neck from serious injury. Cyclists of all sizes can find the right fit with an ergonomically designed DialTM buckle system. Improved comfort and safety mean more confidence and performance when cycling.

In the end, this is an option that is versatile, stylish, and highly protective. Weighing 335g (0.48 lbs.) with the removable visor, the Bell Slant won’t too much weight. Commuters and recreational cyclists will love the universal fit and cost-effective bargain for superior protection.

Retrospect CM-1 Classic Commuter Helmet Review

The Retrospect Classic Commuter Helmet is highly versatile and can be used for skateboarding and many other potentially dangerous activities. Unique design features provide maximum protection and impressive comfort in a minimalist design. For BMX stunts, rocky mountain trails, and the dangerous urban scene, this is a great option.

Best Bike Helmet

The high-quality EPS foam is encased in Durable ABS foam for maximum protection. The protective design features 11 air vents in a unique DewCollector System that wicks moisture from the interior to be air-dried for greater comfort.

Finally, the super stylish design will look great anywhere. The Retrospect Classic Commuter Helmet is the best Bike Helmet for all cyclist types.

Best Bike Helmet Giro Revel Unisex Bike Helmet $$ 4.7
Best Bike Helmet Schwinn Thrasher Adult Helmet $ 4.7
Best Bike Helmet Team Obsidian Premium Bike Helmet $$$ 4.6
Best Bike Helmet Bell Slant Bike Helmet $$ 4.6
Best Bike Helmet Retrospect Classic Commuter Helmet $ 3.9