Best Cycling Cameras

When riding around on a bicycle every day, you need a way to ensure you are protected from people who might harm you. A great way to do just this is to invest in a cycling camera.

A quality cycling camera can easily record highly visible footage all throughout your ride, allowing you not only to stay insured against accidents but also to analyze your current cycling skills.

After you’ve had the joy of watching your route after a long ride, you will wonder why you took so long to invest in a cycling camera in the first place. You just need a cycling camera for your road bike, hybrid bike or mountain bikes.

To help readers choose the best cycling camera for their needs, we have searched the Internet for the best options in today’s market. Check out our useful buying guide and product reviews before making this valuable investment!

10 Best Cycling Camera – Reviews

1. GoPro HERO5 Black

Admit it, there’s nothing more fun than recording your cycling adventures with a Go-Pro. Although it is a bit of a “Pricy” product, I still feel getting HERO5 from GoPro is a worthy investment looking at the 4K resolution, waterproof exterior, one-button control, and more features!

GoPro doesn’t only give you smooth videos, it also has a GPS to help you find your way back home when you are lost. Also, don’t worry about shaky-cam videos or Photos. The camera stabilizes each photo or video you shoot. Not to mention the entire thing is voice-operated, so you get to use GoPro HERO5 hands-free.

With the 2-inch display, you can preview the shots or the videos. Also, feel free to trim them. You can change any angle if you don’t see fit. Also, settings can be accessed from the screen itself.

People have the luxury of controlling this camera with just one button. It serves as the “On/Off” switch and the one that starts or stops the recording.

With this, you get 4K video output and 12MP photos for your pleasure. Go Pro facilitates you by providing an opportunity to share your photos on the go and storing them into the cloud for easy editing later on. For an easier way of taking photos and recording videos, people can mount it anywhere they like.


  • You can take quality photos and videos with the GoPro HERO5.
  • Take regular photos or WDR photos with this camera.
  • This is “Waterproof” and easily mountable anywhere you like.
  • Perfect size and weight for you to carry on your bike. So it’s portable.
  • Ideal device to take time-lapse videos.


  • The waterproof casing can cause you to turn it on or off with a bit of a hassle.
  • The flap guarding the USB port may fall off sometimes.

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2. Contour ROAM2 Waterproof Video Camera

A highly versatile camera, the mount feature of the Contour ROAM2 is great for filming a simple POV camera on your bicycle.

Unlike some other cycling cams, the Contour sacrifices an on-camera user interface for a compact design.

Due to this, you can place it anywhere on your bicycle without it becoming cumbersome during your ride. If you live in a wet environment, you will be happy to hear the Contour ROAM2 is one of the most waterproof cameras on the market.

Additionally, the 4GB microSDHC card that comes packaged with the camera allows you to tape for hours on end without interruption.

Do you have issues getting a camera to function?

Thankfully, the Contour ROAM2 has an instant on-record switch that allows you to lock in your shooting position at the push of a button. Additionally, the colors on this affordable cycling camera are extremely vibrant.

Featuring a 60 FPS recording mode, you can catch more action with this cycling camera than you can with many other models on the market. If you need a smooth video of your daily ride or an intense time session, this is the product for you.

Feature at a glance

  • 60 FPS
  • Instant On-Record Switch
  • Extremely Waterproof
  • POV Style Shooting
  • Compact Design


  • It has a wide field of view.
  • You can record videos and take stills at high resolution.
  • Construction is pretty impressive.
  • Easy to use the device.
  • A cost-effective machine.


  • It features a “Non-removable” battery.
  • I would have loved a slightly better internal microphone.
  • Videos don’t look too sharp around the edges.

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3. Veho VCC-003-MUVI-BLK Digital Action

If you want a camera that doesn’t strangle too much out of your wallet while providing you with balanced performance, Veho VCC-003 is an excellent piece of tech to have. At a modest price, this is the thing you should go for.

For starters, this MUVI camera is perfect for cycling, motorbike riding and any type of extreme sports you can imagine. You are paying cheap change for a camera that takes dynamic images and records videos of any sport you participate in. It substitutes perfectly for a regular handy cam.

The main aspect which interested me that the size of this camera is pretty small compared to the models on my list of Best Cycling Cameras here today. Plus, it comes with a 2GB memory card.

This card allows you to have two-three hours of footage. I am not clinching the air here. You also get 2-3 hours of battery life that makes continuous coverage of videos possible.

Veho Movie Micro DV Camera captures your favorite moments in relatively good quality. Before you go ranting about the 2MP Camera, this thing has, consider the price of which you are getting this.

Also, it converts the files into .avi format. This format saves you space and records more of the action you intend to catch on a frame. You can take photos for as long as three hours.

This thing attaches to any mount thanks to the clip. Also, you can activate this thing over your voice by just saying on and off.


  • It provides a nice sound output.
  • It gives you a wide range of options while you are recording videos.
  • Voice activation is a plus.
  • It comes with a memory card.
  • Battery life is great for the price.


  • Mounting may present a problem.
  • Don’t expect it to be great at recording when you are riding a motorcycle.

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4. TomTom Bandit 4k Action Video Camera

Want an action cam for your bike but don’t want to bear the hassle of a cable? You got it with TomTom Bandit 4k Action Video Camera.

You get a USB cable for charging and data transfer. This thing works like a charm even under 40 meters of water.

Do you have mounting problems? This little beast can mount to your helmet with just one click. People can mount it on GoPro Mounts as well. Just takes a click for the job!

While people are viewing you in action, you can highlight your top speed, location, and altitude of any action spots you want. But you can only do so if you are using an iOS device with it. Showing off your skills has never been this fun!

You can also show off the “Turning Moments” while you are on a ride with this camera. There’s a remote that allows you to tag your special moments during the bike trip. That way, people can make their own highlights out of a long trip they just had.

Later on, people can also edit the highlights with cool effects and features before they share it online. You can even rearrange the sequences. Oh! And did I mention you can do “Slow Motion” video and Time-lapse too? Cool Right? The latter is particularly useful if you are riding at the time of sunset or sunrise.

These videos and photos can be captured in high-level detail. One can shoot videos and photos in 1080p at 60 frames per second or in 720p 120 frames per second.


  • A robust design that’ll last for years.
  • You can configure this thing easily.
  • It has an LCD panel.
  • I enjoyed the “Remote Control” app that lets you control it with a Smartphone.


  • You can only record 15fps video in 4K mode.
  • Don’t expect to get professional-level video data.

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5. Sony HDRAS50R/B Full HD Action Cam

Want a POV Action Camera to film your bicycle trips? You got it with Sony Action Cam. This mid-budget item can be your next best friend as you go through wild terrains and calm roads alike on your mountain and road bikes.

Exmor R sensor picks up video and still picture in low light sensitivity. Thanks to this, you’ll not lose out any action even in winter and rainy days. The sensor works well with the German lens that it comes with. Riders can expect crystal clear images and highly detailed video recording while they are riding.

This is all thanks to the Zeiss Lens that comes installed within Sony HDRAS5R/B. Riders can take great shots even when riding and with shaky hands. This incredible camera stabilizes each shot and presents it with its full glory.

Want more? It comes with Bluetooth, WiFi connectivity, and NFC compatibility. That is where the Remote comes into play. You can view your recordings as they take place using this remote.

Also, this little thing is waterproof. It holds it’s own even 60 meters underwater. At 1.9” X1” X3.3” (Height, Width, and Length respectively) it is one of the most compact devices to carry around. Also, it is surprisingly lightweight considering the weight of 2.05oz.


  • You can buy the standalone camera or the whole package with the LIVE remote.
  • You can playback the video or view images using your smartphone.
  • Great value when it comes to price vs. quality of the product.
  • The video quality bears the mark of a true gem.


  • The price of the combo package (remote and camera) might seem high to people.

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6. Fly6[v] HD Rear Bike Camera

Acting as both a traditional rear light for bicycles and an HD video camera, the Fly6[v] HD is an affordable option for a quality cycling camera.

Are you worried about possible incidents, and how they will affect your insurance policy?

Due to the timestamp technology, you have dated information overload on all footage, helping to protect you in the case of an accident. To help with low light environments, the Fly6 HD Camera features a 30-lumen LED light.

However, you will get the clearest HD picture quality during the day, and this product is not meant for recording during the nighttime. This being said, the camera also has 2 flashing modes that can create an interesting lighting option, and that will help keep you visible when riding your bicycle at night

Thanks to the AVI format, and the SD recording feature, you can easily transfer and manipulate your footage on most computers with ease. Filming at 30 FPS, you will get a clear video that captures more frames of action than a lot of other cameras on the market.

Waterproofing is one of the best features of the Fly6 HD Camera. This combined with a 6-hour battery and light function makes this a perfect camera for long rides that you want to record.

Feature at a glance

  • AVI Format
  • 30 FPS
  • 30-Lumen LED Light
  • Timestamp Feature


  • Thanks to the LED light, you can view settings in daylight.
  • The battery life I got from this camera is phenomenal.
  • You can capture a photo or a video instantly.
  • I could cycle through and sort out photos and videos as they are stamped with Date and Time and with day/night.


  • A bulky unit to carry around.
  • The LED on the slider is poor in quality.

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7. Polaroid XS100 Waterproof Video Camera

If you need a cycling camera that performs well in low-light environments, the Polaroid XS100 Extreme Edition is the product for you.

For both accident insurance purposes, and planning out new routes during the nighttime, this feature is an excellent and attractive option.

Have you had issues storing long video files in the past? Worry no more, as the Polaroid XS100 Extreme Edition creates dual file recordings, providing both a full HD quality file and a small SD file.

Additionally, you can pull individual frames from the recording, allowing you to easily share your proudest cycling moments with the whole world. If you want to take down the action to 720p, you can record in fast and slow motion, due to the adjustable frame rate feature.

If you want to take down the action to 720p, you can record in fast and slow motion, due to the adjustable frame rate feature. Those who like examining the minute details of things will get a kick of being able to analyze their performance frame by frame.

Finally, the ultra-wide lens angle and G-sensor aspects of the Polaroid XS100 Extreme Edition allow you to get a high level of visibility when recording. Few other cycling cameras on the market have a lens this wide.

Feature at a glance

  • Shockproof Exterior
  • G-Sensor
  • Wide Angle Lens
  • Adjustable Frame Rate Feature
  • Dual File Recording


  • The camera is affordable and people can record HD videos with it.
  • It doesn’t spoil your image or videos due to vibration.
  • The audio quality it provides is also good enough for the budget.
  • Sturdy design and nice weighty device.
  • The necessary software is included in the package.


  • The bubble lens creates optic images in direct sunlight that spoil the original images.
  • It comes with plastic mount bolts that are flimsy.

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8. Rideye Black Box Cycling Camera

Meant for keeping you safe and insured every time you get on your bicycle, the Rideye Black Box Cycling Camera is perfect for cautious cyclers.

Thanks to the patented Black Box technology, the camera evaluates hundreds of parameters thousands of times per second to keep you safe, and your footage clear.

If you have no need for backing up boring old footage, you will love the Rideye Black Box Cycling Camera’s infinite loop feature. This technology automatically deletes the oldest files in your camera to make room for new footage.

Due to this, you save tons of money on hard drives and memory cards and save time as well. Never again will you be put in a situation where a crucial moment is lost due to a lack of memory.

Those who are burdened for time will also love the one-touch operation power-up and recording feature of the Rideye Black Box Cycling Camera.

Simply press the record button and the camera does all the setting work for you. In case of an accident, simply the power button again to flag that piece of footage as important.

Feature at a glance

  • Infinite Loop Technology
  • 1080p Recordings
  • One-Touch Operation
  • Black Box Sensor
  • Easy to Operate


  • It can record in 1080p resolution.
  • The “Black Box” technology evaluates hundreds of parameters to keep you safe while riding.
  • It comes with a “One Touch” operation.
  • Functions are easy to comprehend.


  • It can be a bit fragile for some people.

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9. Garmin Virb Elite Action Camera

The most expensive cycling camera on our list, the Garmin Virb Elite Action Camera has a lot of features that serious cycling enthusiasts will love.

Thanks to the 16 MP CMOS sensor, you can capture multiple HD and standard video files at once, making it easy to store videos if you have limited space on your hard drive.

As long as your ride is 3 hours or less, you can film in full HD for your entire trip. If you require a longer recording time, simply bring the recording down to standard definition and you will gain many more hours of charge.

With a wide variety of shooting modes, you can shoot videos from wide, medium, and narrow angles. Featuring both digital image stabilization and lens distortion, you can customize the video to fit your stylistic preferences as well.

Unlike many of the other cameras on this list, the Garmin Virb Elite Action Camera also has a microphone feature. If you prefer to have sound alongside your video, this is the cycling camera for you.

This luxurious model is also great for shooting in low light environments, and is completely waterproof, making it perfect for any cycling occasion.

Feature at a glance

  • 16 MP CMOS Sensor
  • Luxury Model
  • Waterproof
  • Can Shoot in HD for 3 Full Hours
  • Digital Image Stabilization


  • Records videos in full HD settings.
  • WiFi function is always a win in my book.
  • The image quality of this thing is impressive.
  • You get a remote and ANT+ sensor with this one.


  • You cannot zoom in on images or videos.
  • It doesn’t offer internet connectivity.

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10. Contour ROAM3 Waterproof HD Camera

If you are looking for a quality cycling camera to put your hands on, Contour ROAM3 can just be the one you are looking for.

This is a lightweight product to carry around thanks to the Aluminum construction.

This is surprisingly water-resistant considering you don’t need a case to put it in. I was even more surprised to know that it remains functional even when you put it 30 feet underwater.

One typical thing that people do with these cameras is that they stop a running recording, navigate through the menu and tap onto photo mode to take stills. With ROAM3, you just need to push a button. This little wonder will be ready to take pictures of your surroundings and yourselves in a jiffy.

This wonder camera takes pictures in a 170-degree angle. Also, it rotates at a maximum of 270-degree angle to take some amazing shots and videos of your journey on cycle. You can record videos in 1080p, 960p, and 720p with this thing.

Another catchy feature is the “Instant On” system. The cycling camera doesn’t come with normal on/off switches. To compensate, it gives you a slider that you can set to “Instant-On Record.” This little feature allows you to take pictures or record videos when you are ready.


  • The camera serves as a device that captures everything in great detail.
  • You can expect this thing to serve you for years.
  • It is a low-maintenance device.
  • A waterproof and shockproof tool to have at your disposal.


  • Customer service has issues to solve.

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Best Cycling Cameras – Things to Consider

When choosing a cycling camera, you need to consider three primary features above all else. To help guide you through the process, we’ve decided to cover the basics below before getting into the primary reviews.

Recording Features

Perhaps the feature that differs the most between each camera is their recording features. From the ability to record with the push of a button, to the ability to record multiple video resolutions at once, having the versatility to record the way you want is of utmost importance.

Additionally, purchasing a model that includes a built-in timestamp feature will keep you insured and protected on every ride. Finally, you need to determine whether you will be well served by a 30 FPS record rate, or if you need something with a higher frame rate.

Imported Recording Features:

  • Frame Rate Capabilities
  • Being able to Record Multiple Features at Once
  • Built-in Timestamp Feature
  • Angle Adjustment Technology
  • Mounting Considerations

Having a bulky camera is inconvenient when trying to record your day-to-day cycling. If you want a camera that records things conveniently, and barely seems like it’s even there, you want to get a compact camera.

The easier it is to mount your camera, the simpler your rides will be. Most cycling cameras are designed to be compact, so be sure to stay away from manufacturers that don’t understand this simple consumer necessity.

Important Mounting Considerations:

  • Compact Design
  • Easy to Operate Start Button
  • Battery Life

Having your footage interrupted mid-ride is tragic. If you want to effectively analyze your riding style, or need footage in the case of an incident, it is essential that you buy a model that will unquestionably last for your full ride.

Most models come with batteries that will last at least two hours while recording full HD, but if you need to go for a longer ride, you will need to purchase a model that can accommodate you.

Many models feature the ability to record in standard definition for many more hours, so if you don’t need full HD you will be covered.

Important Battery Life Features:

  • Full HD Recording Time
  • Standard Definition Recording Time
  • Additional Considerations:
  • Price Tag
  • Brand Name
  • Rear Light Features
  • Flashing Light Features
  • Microphone Capabilities

Final Verdict:

Two things make a cycling camera a great option: compactness and high-end features. For both of these options, there are two cameras on our list that will serve you the best: the Fly6[v] HD Rear Bike Camera and the Contour ROAM2.

If you want a more affordable model that is easy to set up but is not quite as customizable, the Contour ROAM2 is the model for you. However, if you require the ability to adjust your recording style, the Garmin Virb Elite Action Camera offers you a much more versatile option.

The full waterproof nature, angle adjustment features, and 16 MP CMOS sensor make it a fantastic choice for cyclists of any background.