Best Indoor Bike Trainer Reviews

The best indoor bike trainer is a piece of equipment that many cyclists use to add an extra dimension to their training. The rear wheel is attached to the bike trainer to hold the bike still as your rear wheel spins a roller on the machine. This roller produces the resistance that is the force you pedal against and this can be created in many ways, as described here.

As there is resistance this can be adjusted to increase and decrease the effort required to pedal reproducing the feeling of cycling on the roads in real life to recreate climbing sprinting and just cruising along as closely as possible. This is perfect for cyclists as it allows you to train in all weather and on your own bike, which is already set up specifically to be most comfortable for you. However, as you are stuck in place it doesn’t require you to use your own balance so this doesn’t really train you up for cycling on the road. This is why indoor bike trainers are only useful if you supplement it with riding on the road.

Although they are so helpful, they do have some downsides. They can be extremely noisy and are not ideal for those with roommates or living in apartments as it can disturb others. In this guide, we review the best indoor bike trainer products to help you make an informed decision.

Bike Trainer Model Type Compatibility Portability Extras Our Rating Price
Conquer Bike Trainer
Conquer Indoor Bike Trainer Portable review
Magnetic 26″, 27″ or 700C wheels Extremely portable and foldable Wide frame for stability. No slippage. Good quality. Read review
Bike Lane Pro
Bike Lane Pro Trainer Bicycle Indoor review
Magnetic 26 in, and 700c Extremely portable and foldable Ultra-quiet internal magnet. Maximum stability. Read review
Ascent Fluid Trainer
Ascent Fluid Trainer review
Fluid N/A Foldable Fluid resistance. Read review

Reviews of the Best Indoor Bike Trainer

Bike Lane Pro Review

Bike Lane Pro Trainer Bicycle Indoor reviewA Magnetic trainer that has a lot of features, this trainer has many features that make this trainer brilliant for indoor training.


The Bike lane pro trainer is a sturdy steel built trainer that can fit any size tire so it can be used by road bikers and mountain bikers alike. The mechanism to attach the rear of the bike to the trainer can be adjusted by a large margin, so almost any size bike can be used. The trainer also has a large amount of resistance adjustment that is done from a handheld knob that can be attached to your handlebars as you ride, allowing you to adjust it as your training goes on without interrupting you.


  • Can fit 26 inch, 27 inch and 700c tires
  • Choice of 5 resistance settings
  • Strong steel and can be folded down for ease of travel
  • Road like feel

Positives and Negatives

One of the biggest positives of this product is the price. It is extremely cheap for the quality of the product and the features it packs. It is easy to set up and the ability to adjust the resistance while on the bike allows you to spend the least amount of time setting up as possible. The ability to fit almost any bike size into it also makes it perfect for any type of cyclist. It is also very sturdy and is sure to never fall over while being ridden on.

As it is a magnetic trainer it is not particularly quiet, so is not ideal for those that live with others or in apartments, though this can be combated in part by using a trainer mat. It also comes with very unclear instruction, so set up can be a struggle for first-time bike trainer users.

Customer feedback

The biggest compliment from customers is about how cheap the Bike Lane Pro is. It is much better in quality than trainers even double its price making it much better value than any other magnetic trainer. They also praised how sturdy the product was, many finding it one of the best trainers to sprint on due to its strong construction.

The only real bad feedback was about the noise that it makes, and how unsuitable it is for living in apartments as many magnetic trainers are.

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Conquer Indoor Bike Trainer Review

Conquer are a fitness company that specializes in sports equipment across all sports. Although they do not specialize in bike trainers, this magnetic trainer makes it seem as if they do.


Conquer Indoor Bike Trainer Portable reviewThe Conquer indoor bike trainer is a magnetic trainer that has a single adjustment progressive resistance, meaning the harder you pedal, the harder it becomes to maintain that speed. It fits both mountain bike and road bike frames so all types of cyclists can use it. It is also designed to be used by both beginners and experienced cyclists alike.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Comes with plastic feet cups to keep it stable and non-slip
  • Compatible with 26inch, 27 inch and 700c wheel sizes
  • Comes with riser block for front wheel

Positives and Negatives

One of the biggest positives of this trainer is its sturdiness, being useful not only for easy rides but also full out sprints without you having to worry about losing balance and tipping the bike and trainer so it is suitable for experienced and novice cyclists. It also comes with a front-wheel riser block that many trainers do not, which allows your bike to be level when on the trainer making it as natural as possible. It is also very cheap as it is a magnetic trainer, one of the cheapest types.

However, the trainer is not too quiet as it is magnetic, one of the loudest types of trainer. A lot of the noise can be dampened by using a trainer mat to absorb vibrations, however.

Customer feedback

Many customers loved the sturdy nature and the way this trainer felt safe no matter the training session that they tried was a big plus. They also liked the way it folded up to be easier to be stored and travel with. On the other hand many said that the noise it makes is too much for small houses though they said if users can stand the noise, it is the best trainer due to its low price. Other more experienced cyclists say it does not provide enough resistance for the strongest of riders as it only has one adjustment on resistance levels so is not very customizable to the rider and edges more towards the newer rider in ease of riding.

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Ascent Fluid Trainer Review

The Ascent Fluid trainer is made by Ascent, a small company that produces high-quality bike equipment.


Ascent Mag 3-L trainer reviewAs resistance is produced by the fan that is turned as you pedal pushing against the fluid, the harder you pedal the more the resistance increases, much like riding on the road. It also features various resistance settings adjustable on the trainer, so you can pick how hard you want the session you are doing to be. It fits almost any size frame and wheel, so is useful for all types of cyclists. It is optimized to be silent also so if you are looking for a quiet ride this is the product you would want to turn to.


  • Progressive resistance
  • Quiet as is a Fluid Trainer
  • Foldable for easy transportation
  • Built to be reliable and not have any problems

Positive and Negatives

This trainer is much cheaper than others of the same type, this makes it perfect for beginner and improver cyclists as they don’t have to spend a large amount of money to get the features they will need without any negatives. It has a lot of customization in resistance and as you get faster resistance increases steadily much as it would on the road.

The only downside to the trainer is the noise it makes compared to those of a similar type, though when used on a trainer mat it makes much less noise to the point where it isn’t even a problem. Even though it is cheap for a fluid trainer, the Ascent Fluid trainer is still relatively expensive compared to air and magnetic trainers.

Customer feedback

Many customers consider this the best trainer for its price. They say it has a very sturdy structure and many people notice this as they sprint or ride hard on it. They also think the increase of resistance as you cycle faster is good, as it recreates road conditions and makes cycling on a trainer feel more natural.

Although many have said that the trainer is louder than other trainers of this type, they have also said it is not loud enough to be a distraction, and wearing headphones completely blocks the noise of the trainer as you cycle. However, people that live in apartments or have roommates say it is too loud for their living conditions.

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Final Thoughts

When taking your cycling to the next level or even just starting out a trainer is one of the best companions to have. They allow you to train during the cold winters so months of the year aren’t wasted. It also allows you to put in consistent efforts all year round so the time you do spend on the road is faster and easier. They are also useful to almost anyone as they are as close to cycling on actual roads as is possible without actually doing so, so the fitness you gain from using them is applicable when you leave the house with your bike.

The best indoor bike trainer is the Ascent fluid trainer as it offers such a huge range of resistance options so everyone from the beginner to the most advanced cyclist can use it to its full potential. It is also quiet, meaning it can be used almost anywhere without annoying neighbors. Its ease of transportation and set up also makes it the perfect companion to your training. As this is the most expensive, those on a lower budget would be best with the Conquer indoor trainer. If even this is too much of an investment, a beginner would be best going with the Bike Lane Pro as it is the best trainer for its price, and allows cyclists to see whether they like trainers without breaking the bank.