9 Best Mountain Bike Shoes – Find The Right One In 2022

Being comfortable on a mountain bike is the first and foremost thing to look at for any mountain bike rider. For that, you need to take care of your body parts that come directly into contact with your bicycle.

They are your hands to handlebars, the rear end of your body to the saddle, and your feet on pedals. Out of these three, we take lesser care of our feet. We simply fail to find the right pair of shoes or protective gear for our feet most of the time.

To help you make your own decisions, we’ve come up with our selection of the 9 best mountain bike shoes in 2022 for men and women that you can look into.

Best Mountain Bike Shoes – Reviews

1. Giro Men’s Privateer Cycling Shoe

Guys will love this leather-made MTB footwear. The upper part of the shoes is made using synthetic leather so that it holds the shape for long Mountain Bike rides.

The material is breathable. Your feet will remain dry even after an hour or two of trail riding.

The makers have inserted “Mesh” into the upper part just to speed evaporation up. You’ll feel at ease even when the temperature is rising. Your ankle remains secure with two hook and loop straps to adjust the tension.

As an added insurance, you’ll have a ratcheting buckle for tightness. You can wear these shoes with 2-hole MTB Cleats. The shoes use DuPont Zytel soles that are composite in nature.

These soles aren’t as sturdy and stiff as the polyamide soles or the carbon soles but they do the job. I favor these because you can feel just a bit more comfortable while slipping your feet into this MTB Shoe thanks to the EVA foam that is inside.

Important Features

  • Cleat Compatibility: 2-hole MTB
  • Closure: hook-and-loop, ratchet strap
  • Material: synthetic leather, nylon, EVA
  • Fully Leather

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2. Shimano Women’s Multi-Use Bike Shoe

Shimano Women’s SH-WM34 MTB Shoes are perfect for anyone who’s looking for beginner level footwear.

The best thing about this ladies’ Shoe is that it can be used when you are riding inside the city as well as on the mountainous regions. Your feet will fit in just perfectly thanks to the “Side Pattern” design. This shoe is specifically designed to fit women only.

This footwear from Shimano is made using synthetic leather that prevents stretching and scratches.

Shoelaces are placed in a way that this pair of footwear will apply even tension on your feet to comfort you. Nylon Shank Plate ensures the sole of this shoe is tough to handle most difficult mountain trails.

On top of that, the soles are reinforced by Glass-fiber to ensure rigidity for all weather conditions.

Important Features

  • Glass fiber reinforced nylon shank plate for optimum sole rigidity
  • Side pattern designed to ensure a snug, secure fit
  • Women’s specific fit for more natural, comfortable fit

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3. Diamondback Men’s Overdrive Cycling Shoe

Diamondback Overdrive Mountain Bike Shoes are made with breathable PU leather. The upper portion of the pair of shoes is supported with sewn mesh that improves breathability to keep your feet dry for hours.

Diamondback Overdrive MTB shoes come with toe cap and heel cup that are reinforced with leather. These comfort you against the harshness of mountain trails. Plus, you can walk among rocky roads just fine thanks to the TPU treads.

EVA foam is molded inside the shoe for added comfort. Additionally, there is a spandex lining to support the foam and ease the pressure points. The nylon and fiberglass sole grants you rigidity that is a must when you walk on uneven surfaces.

Thanks to the SPD compatibility, these shoes will be perfect for Mountain Biking. The outer sole will not come off even after years of using.

Important Features

  • Washable perforated EVA insole
  • Soft spandex lining improves foot comfort
  • SPD compatible outsole is a nylon/fiberglass composite

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4. Giro Women’s Riela Mountain Shoes

Riela Mountain Shoes are made from Microfiber. It is more durable than a standard or modified leather. The upper portions of the shoes are also made from Microfiber and are breathable. So, your feet don’t become sweaty. Instead of laces, Riela Mountain Shoes depend on the hook-and-loop system for strapping the feet.

You can customize the tension to your liking. The footbed for the inside part of the shoes is made with EVA foam. It offers medium arch support so that you don’t sprain your ankles. Also, Aegis Antimicrobial technology ensures that women get a hygienic environment inside the shoes.

Nylon outsole ensures that you get better traction when facing the rugged mountain trails. Aggressive lugs have also been used to reinforce the soles to minimize damages. Manufacturers used soft fabric lines to add extra layer of comfort for women.

Important Features

  • Very High-quality, breathable synthetic fiber
  • A stout injected nylon sole helps transfer power to the pedals instantly
  • The upper is made of high-grade synthetic leather and features three wide straps

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5. Shimano 2016 Men’s XC Cycling Shoes

With Dynalast Design, Shimano SH-XC31L is my favorite when it comes to Mountain Bike shoes. Synthetic leather makes the upper part of the shoes breathable.

Your feet will remain dry even after riding for two hours non-stop. With a conventional hook and loop design, this pair of shoes is easy to get around. One of the highlighting points of these shoes is the design.

“Dynalast Design” lowers the toe spring as well as the heels. At the same time, it keeps the metatarsal and other parts at the same height. As a result, you’ll be able to transfer more power to the pedals of your bike and ride faster.

The polyamide sole and fiberglass padding ensure that it is perfectly balanced between being stiff and comfortable. These shoes are much lighter than the common brands. They improve your pedaling by 56%.

Important Features

  • Closure: hook-and-loop
  • Upper Material: mesh, synthetic leather
  • fiberglass-reinforced polyamide

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6. Pearl Izumi Women’s III Cycling Shoe

Available in multiple sizes, this brand is your comprehensive solution for commuter or mountain bike riding on any type of road.

Pearl Izumi Women’s All-Road III Cycling Shoe weigh less than 3 pounds. The upper portion of Pearl Izumi is made of synthetic rubber for improved breathability.

The fabric is used around the edges to ensure not much air gets out. It helps to increase the comfort level as well.

This is a low profile shoe that doesn’t catch dirt or scratches from accidents because of the fabrics used. Instead of the laces, you have hook-and-loop straps to adjust and lock your feet in place. It fits almost any size.

Pearl Izumi Women’s Shoes feature rubber-made sole. As a result, you can walk on slippery surfaces without worrying about your balance. Women can also wear this while spinning. You’ll have to choose single cleat shoe for that.

Important Features

  • Synthetic and Fabric
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Low-profile cycling shoe featuring three adjustable

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7. Mavic 2016 Men’s Crossride Bike Shoe

Mavic 2016 Men’s Crossride Mountain Bike Shoe is suitable for every weather condition. It has some screws that go into the inner part of the shoes.

These screws can be tampered with so that you can get the best fit for your legs.

The screw can be mounted in two positions. The shoes depend on straps to tighten up with your feet. The toes of yours will be protected by rubber so that the feet are safe from any dangerous impacts.

The inner sole is ergonomic in shape. So, the shoes fit nicely and comfortably regardless of your feet’s form. The outer sole is made of an Energy grip system. It transfers your body energy to the pedals to increase the efficiency of the rider.

Important Features

  • extra flat screw plate
  • 2 Comfort Straps
  • Very Reflex

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8. Shimano Performance Mountain Bike Shoe

If you are into high-end stuff, try XC Full-Featured Performance MTB Shoe for women from Shimano. This pair of shoes is made from synthetic leather.

This makes it lightweight but durable. Synthetic leather stays tough during all weather conditions.

The closure system has one ratcheting buckle. You can control the tension using two hook-and-loop slots. The cleat is best compatible with “Two-Holes” MTB.

It is good for spinning as well as trail riding. Shimano 2015 XC has a polyamide sole reinforced with fiberglass. The sole is stiff and transfers power to the pressure points without failing. However, as these shoes are good for spin classes, the sole offers articulation too.

The rubber lugs provide unmatched traction when hiking or mountain trail riding. The inner part of the shoes (the insole) is equally comfortable as it matches feet of any shape and size.

Important Features

  • Closure: 1 ratcheting buckle, 2 hook-and-loop straps
  • Sole: fiberglass-reinforced polyamide
  • Cleat Compatibility: 2-hole MTB

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9. Lake MX145 Men’s Shoes

If guys are looking for a Mountain Bike ride that is miles long, Lake MX145 Men’s Footwear for Mountain Bikes can be a good choice.

The upper part of the shoe is coated with wax while it is made of leather. The construction doesn’t let water stay on the surface and make the shoe damp.

While the upper sole is water resistant, the inner sole of Lake MX145 Men’s Shoes is made heat resistant. The heat reflective material faces your feet so that the heat doesn’t impact them at all.

However, the waffles design inside traps the heat to keep them warm for cold weather. Instead of the laces or traditional hook and loop closure systems, this pair of shoes uses a Dual BOA closure.

With this, you can individually fine-tune the tightness of the bind. Also, you’ll be able to customize the tension of the forefoot and your heels separately to get the feeling just right for your ride.

Important Features

  • Closure: Dual Boa
  • Sole: Lake Race Sole
  • Cleat Compatibility: 2-hole MTB

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Final Verdict

The list that I compiled has something for all. It is a good mix of Mountain Bike Shoes for Men and Women of all ages. It doesn’t matter if you are on a budget or simply looking for the best footwear regardless of the price tag, one of these 9 best mountain bike shoes will surely appeal to your needs.