10 Best Road Bikes Under 500 Dollars

There are so many health benefits that come with cycling ranging from muscle building to mental health. Apart from the health benefits, cycling is the most efficient mode of locomotion for many people, especially when the distance being covered is not too long.

Road bikes have grown in popularity, and are a great consideration for different groups of people. There are several factors that differentiate road bikes from hybrid, mountain, and touring bikes. This is because of their lightweight aluminum construction and narrow wheels among other amazing features.

If you are looking for the best road bike under 500 dollars in 2022, don’t despair. There are plenty of road bike models that comes within your budget range. I have spent hours of time researching the best models before making this final list.

Buying Road Bikes – Considerations

The fact that you have a few dollars to spend on purchasing a road bike doesn’t mean buying any type of bike that you come across. There are certain important factors that you need to consider in order to select a road bike that will offer you with great cycling moments.

Road bikes come in different styles and sizes for both men and women. It is important to select a bike that matches your size as well as gender. Other important things that you need to bear in mind when purchasing the best road bike under $500 include; narrow wheels and tires, no rear suspension, handlebar, and the size just to mention a few.

Those are some of the outstanding features that differentiate road bikes from other types of bikes available on the market.

How We Selected The Best Bikes?

Our team of experts conducted research online by searching for the best road bikes under $500. We came across so many sites with helpful information, and we were able to come up with a list of the top 10 best road bikes that are below $500.

We also gathered various consumer reports and guidelines from different retailers. The following are the top road bikes that are worth your investment and provide you with long-lasting use.

10 Best Road Bikes Under $500

1. Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike

I’m suggesting Vilano R2 on my best road bikes under $500 list because of the “Lightweight” side of it. This road/commuter bike comes with 6061 Aluminum “Double Butted” frame.

The frame provides sturdy support when you are out commuting your way through rough terrains as well.

You can get “Just the Right Size” of bike for you. Vilano provides a catalog that says what the right size for you is. All you have to do is to measure the inseam and match the corresponding seat and top rod size to get the perfect one for you. Ideally, there should be 1 to 2 inches of gap between the top bar and the user’s seat.

Vilano R2 comes with Shimano A050 thumb shifters. You can cycle through speeds quicker and with improved accuracy. The front friction grants you 3 levels of speed and the rear grants you 7 levels of speed. With the Shimano front and Shimano Tourney rear derailleurs, you get access to a total of 21 levels of speed to work with.

Brakes of this model are pretty standard with Alloy Caliper. The wheels are measured to be 700CX25C, and they can withstand any type of road. These things feature double walls that increase durability. To facilitate better storage, these wheels come with the “Quick Release” option.

This bike comes from the factory directly to your doorstep. You’ll need to have professional tuning and assembly done.


  • This Vilano Model comes with free pedals.
  • It is a classy bike when you look at it.
  • Great product if you are getting into biking.
  • Speed shifts are easy with this model.
  • It is a cost-efficient bike.


  • You need to do professional tuning and assembly.
  • The brakes need frequent upgrading.

2. Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Bike

Vilano Diverse 3.0 aptly combines price with optimum performance. With 6061 lightweight Aluminum frame, it is a lightweight road bike that you need for your weekend rides.

The frame is specially tinkered for this “Hybrid” bike. It also features a hybrid fork that acts as a shock absorber to dampen the impact of bumps on the road.

The handlebars of this product are upright. It keeps your spine, back, and upper torso balanced. Available in 53 and 57-inch frames, this wonder bike caters to women of all heights.

The bike is top class when it comes to the gear parts it uses. The Shimano derailleurs and shifters provide women with 24 levels of speed that they can switch through. At under $500, this bike offers too much of the “Professional” performance people desire.

When it comes to the brakes, this one uses the contemporary disc brakes that make bicycles so popular these days. People reported about how well-rounded the performance of these mechanical disc brakes is in numerous accounts.


  • The bike has a “Lavish” design. It comes with 24 levels of speed for women.
  • The mechanical disc brakes deliver the performance people expect from them.
  • Vilano Diverse 3.0 comes with free pedals.


  • Pedals tend to become loose after using.

3. Vilano Shadow Road Bike

This is the top road bike in our series of reviews. It has a nice design that makes cycling effortless.

If you are using the Vilano Shadow Road Bike for fitness, you will be in a position to engage your leg muscles without putting extra force on the knees as compared to other exercises like running.

It comes with free pedals, which is an advantage you will not find in other competitor road bikes. Enjoy cycling with the Vilano Shadow Road Bike – Shimano STI Integrated Shifters.

This is an affordable road bike that is perfect for exercise, commuting or club rides. You will love everything about this road bike, not to mention its comfortable seat, fine breaks, and ease of assembly. If you are looking forward to replacing your old bike, the Vilano will be worth your selection.

With its integrated brake shifters, it is easy to control shifting and braking while you are on the road. This is a well-constructed road bike with 6061 double buttered aluminum aero frame that makes it lightweight and durable.

This will be a great entry-level road bike that is conveniently designed for the road. Cycling will never be the same again once you have bought this pocket-friendly bike. Whether you are buying the bike for exercise or for fun, the Vilano Shadow road bike will be a great addition.

Highlighted Features

  • Great Entry-Level Road Bike
  • Super lightweight bike
  • Shimano STI shifters and brake levers
  • Affordable Commuter Bike


  • The bike has a stylish look despite the cost.
  • A cheap alternative to fancy road bikes.
  • This bike is easy to assemble compared to others.
  • The tires roll without posing any resistance.
  • A sturdy bike with aluminum frame.
  • It is lightweight and easy to maneuver.


  • The Shimano components tend to wear out easily.
  • The seat doesn’t have enough padding for my liking.
  • Wrapping on the handlebars can come off relatively quickly.

4. Giordano Libero 1.6 Men’s Road Bike -700c

If you are looking forward to a road fitness, you need to have a beautiful and lightweight bike like the Giordano Libero 1.6 Men’s Road Bike-700c.

This is a great selection for mountain bikers and people who love weekend road trips.

It is constructed of 6061 aluminum frame that makes it lightweight and easy to ride. The road bike features strong and lightweight aluminum 700c wheels that allow you to reach a variety of places without sweating it.

This bike requires professional assembly for your overall safety and exciting riding moments. For its price, you will be thrilled with how easy it is to ride without using many efforts.

You can carry as much water as you want to keep your body hydrated during riding, thanks to the dual water bottle mounts. This road bike is available in different sizes ranging from small, medium to large. You can select the right size depending on your height or preference.

The affordable road bike is perfect for beginners and trainers who are new to the riding world. It is pretty easy to use as compared to other types of bikes that you will find in the market today.

Make cycling an interesting and enjoyable experience with the Giordano Libero road bike.

Highlighted Features

  • Handcrafted lightweight frame
  • A suitable bike for a long tour
  • select your own size from 3 sizes available for men
  • The good direction provided for Easy assembly


  • The bike is great to look at.
  • It assembles quickly than the others.
  • It is a smart choice for “Beginner-level” bikers.
  • You can move up the speed levels easily.
  • The lightweight bike is easy to store and carry from one place to another.


  • If you are new to road biking, you’ll find shifting gears a bit tricky.
  • The brakes are not ALL THAT great.
  • You’ll find the tires wearing out relatively soon enough.

5. Schwinn Phocus 1600 Men’s Road Bike

While we are on the topic of road bikes under $500, we couldn’t leave Schwinn out of the list. At just under $500, this road bike provides you 56cm thick frame.

Of course, the frame is composed of Aluminum making it lightweight and easy to carry.

The suspension fork is made out of Carbon, and it provides much-needed stability to your ride when you are riding on uneven, rough, and hostile terrains. Carbon fork dampens the vibrations and provides you some much needed cushioning.

The drivetrain consists of Shimano Claris derailleur with Micro Shift. You can switch through different levels of speed with ease. The micro shifters and Shimano Drivetrain parts provide 14 varying levels of speed for people to work with. Even though some people would call it an “Entry-level” bike; to me, it is a mid-range commuter.

ProMax brakes provide you the slowing power that you need. They put your cycle to a complete halt whenever you need them to. The brakes are made out of “Alloy Calipers” to make sure they are efficient and weather-resistant when it counts.

The wheels have double walls. You have paired spokes as well to guarantee the longevity of the products. On top of that, the front wheel features “Quick Release” so that you can store it away when you don’t need the bike.

When it comes to the pedals, these come with straps and toe clips. The pedals do a wonderful job of keeping your toes in a fixed position so that you can exert more power.


  • Assembly process was easy and it took no time at all.
  • You get a wonderful bike for the price you pay.
  • People can expect top-notch performance while riding on paths and trails.
  • This road bike provides great reflexes thanks to the lightweight frame.


  • The pedal straps could have used a quality upgrade.
  • The bike is available in just one size.
  • You won’t find any gear indicator.

6. Giordano Libero Acciao Road Bike – Large Size

Giordano specially brought this version of Acciao Road bike for the large-sized riders who take pride in ruling the city roads. With high tensile steel alloy thread less frame, you can expect your ride to serve you for years to come.

The handlebars are made of steel as well. So, you can expect top-notch shock-absorbing performance.

The drivetrain consists of Shimano Tourney parts. These are ideal for a city bike. You have 14 levels of speed to contend with. The STI Tourney allows you to navigate through the city without problems. It makes this one a good enough “Entry Level” bicycle.

The brakes are “Side Pull” based. One can expect a good performance from these brakes as these work with both front and rear wheels. When it comes to the tires, the road bike uses the “Road Clincher” tire that can move swiftly through gravel, roads, and uneven terrains alike.

The pedals are made of steel as well. So, these are tough as well. Of course, these have plastic covers that make things easy for your legs. Just when I thought there couldn’t be more features, you have two water bottle mounts that you can install.


  • Components are “Top Class” and they function as you want them to.
  • The Bike is durable and stands the test of time.
  • Brakes work well in all weather conditions.
  • A good bicycle when you consider the performance and price ratio.


  • You’ll do well to upgrade this bike a bit.
  • Assembly is not all that easy.

7. GMC Denali Road Bike

When looking for the best road bike, the weight of the bike really matters. You do not want to spend your money in purchasing a heavy road bike that will make cycling a difficult task.

This is why the GMC Denali Road Bike is designed to put the needs of the cycle in mind.

This is a 21-speed road bike with a lightweight aluminum frame that makes it very light and durable. You can move to different places without using many efforts while you are riding this wonderful road bike.

With its Shimano derailleur and Shimano Revo shift, you can easily change the gears smoothly and fast. One thing you will love about this bike is the well-constructed high-profile alloy Vitesse racing rims that make the bike different from the others in the market.

You do not have to worry about the tire wearing out if you engage in rough street racing. Its high-performance 700c tires can handle any encounter in the course of your cycling experience.

This is a road bike of quality and easy to assemble; everything about it is simply awful. If you are looking for a bike under $500 that combines performance and style, this is what you are looking for.

If you are new to biking, you may consider trying this model, and you will be amazed at how cycling can turn into an interesting activity. You can ride as far as you want and burn the calories you need for a healthy body.

Highlighted Features

  • High-performance Tire
  • Quick and smooth gear changing system by Shimano components
  • Best price for road bike
  • Comes in multiple color options, including black and pink, black and green, black and silver, and gold


  • You can adjust the seat, so taller riders can ride easy on this bike.
  • Gears are inclined towards providing speed.
  • It has a costly look even though it is completed within budget.
  • You’ll find GMC Denali a lightweight bike with 21 levels of speed.
  • The Shimano derailleur provides you an opportunity to upgrade the parts.


  • The road bike doesn’t feature “Quick Release” wheels.
  • The handlebars aren’t adjustable.

8. Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano

Here are a million ways in which you can use your road bike. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to school, work, adventure or visiting friends.

You need a quality bike that makes riding effortless. Vilano road bikes are common among many cyclers because of their design and ease of use.

Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano is among the lightest bikes that you can find in the market. Aluminum is a common material that is used to make bikes. This is because it is a sturdy and lightweight material that makes road bikes easy to ride.

You can use the bike on any terrain without using many efforts. With its shifts, you can easily climb uphill making life very easy. This is a great bike for the money, and very interesting to ride.

There are several customers who have used this road bike and they are well satisfied with how it is easy to ride. More reviews are well illustrated including other amazing features that make the bike outstanding.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy assembly, no expert needed
  • Lightweight frame
  • Free pedals with every bike
  • Reasonable price as a beginner bike


  • All the parts are included for a speedy assembly.
  • Vilano Aluminum is a durable bike with sturdy frame. It is lightweight too.
  • You can shift through speeds rather quickly.
  • You can maneuver this bike through tight corners and slopes quite easily.


  • The seat is narrow and has almost no padding.
  • I expected the brakes to be a bit more elevated.

9. SE Bikes Royal 14-Speed Road Bicycle

If you love outdoor activities, you need to try out cycling. This is among the best way of keeping fit and your body active.

Cycling is associated with many health benefits, including weight loss.

A great road bike like the SE Bikes Royal 14-Speed Road Bicycle will make your encounter memorable, and you will always be looking forward to the next cycling session.

This is a stylish bike that combines value, performance and a great design. It is constructed with the interests of the users in mind. The mainframe is made of SE 1 alloy, which is solid and very compact.

Cycling on sunny days may require you to carry some water or other drinks to keep you hydrated. You should not be worried about where to keep your water bottle when you have the SE Royal bike. It features a water bottle mount where you can store your water to keep you hydrated when you are riding.

The wheelset is well constructed with alloy 32H double-wall rims for durability and long-lasting use. You can use your bike for a long period of time without replacing any part.

Highlighted Features

  • SE 1 alloy Mainframe with water bottle mounts
  • 14-speed Shimano A070 Shifters
  • Alloy 32H double-wall rims Wheelset
  • 700 x 25c Road 30 tpi Tires
  • Alloy road caliper Brakes


  • The model is a perfect “Entry-level” road bike.
  • It is lightweight and carbon fork gives it rigidity.
  • The road bike comes with “Platform Style” pedals.
  • Shimano Drivetrain offers smooth gear changing.
  • Drop-style handlebar provides a relaxed position for you to ride.
  • You have a comfortable seat to work with.


  • Brakes take a little time to be configured properly.

10. Schwinn Women’s Varsity 1300 Road Bike

Schwinn is too good of a brand to leave out when it comes to women’s road bikes under $500. The Varsity 1300 features an impressive array of features that you’ll find in a top tier road bike. Minus the price of course.

The model from Schwinn has an aluminum frame. The frame is lightweight and suits women perfectly.

You can expect it to be agile while you are on the road. The rigid suspension fork deserves thanks in this case. It allows you to get through tight corners and narrow roads without harming your body parts.

When it comes to the gear settings, you get 14 levels of speed with this thing. The product doesn’t come with the front derailleur. It features rear derailleur made by Shimano. Of course, it is paired with Shimano A050 shifters to make cycling through different levels of speed that much easier.

Further adding to the repertoire is the “Quick Release” rim that comes with this model from Schwinn. The front rim can be released when people want. Also, the rims use alloy in the making. It makes them lightweight, and that doesn’t contribute to the overall weight.

The same alloy is used to manufacture the brakes for Varsity 1300 bikes. These brakes are said to have to stop power that allows one greater control over her bike.


  • Assembly is really easy. Anyone can do it.
  • The bike is actually very lightweight.
  • The overall construction of the bike is done with quality materials.
  • You can get up to 33mph on a downward slope thanks to 14 different speed levels.


  • If you change gears too quickly, the chain might jam.

Final Verdict:

Road biking is an interesting activity that improves your health by engaging your legs and joints. You can meet new people as you explore nature at a slower speed as compared to other speeding automobiles. Having the right road bike makes cycling an interesting and enjoyable outdoor activity.

Selecting any of the above-reviewed road bikes provides you with efficiency and speed as well as liveliness. For their price, you will enjoy great services every time you cycle. They are great road bikes for starters as well as experienced cyclists.