Best Trainers For Spinning Reviews

In this article, we discuss spinning and then discuss the best trainers for spinning. Spinning is a great form of exercise and can help you stay fit indoors!

What is Spinning?

Spinning is typically a class that is held in a structured group format, taught by a licensed and trained spinning instructor, in a large group format. The instructor incorporates a group of exercises that are done at various intervals of high intensity with a primary focus on strength, recovery, and endurance and can be adjusted for each person individually. Spinning most often incorporates music into the regime by using it to motivate while providing a tempo that sets the cadence levels while providing tempo cues. All these aspects of spinning can easily be accomplished at home for a fraction of the cost.

Benefits of Spinning

Spinning is a good and beneficial exercise format with benefits that include: building mental strength, burning calories, improving cardiovascular health, toning the quadriceps and hamstrings, strengthening the muscles in the lower back all while improving riding techniques. To accomplish these benefits does a vigorous workout with varied routines that are great for all ability levels without having to wear a helmet.

Equipment for Spinning

Spinning on spin cycles would require special equipment including an expensive, bulky, single-use spin bike, special cycling shoes, padded shorts, membership fees, class fees, and many other similar expenses. Incorporating your road bike or any old bicycle, with the more cost-effective bike trainer, and a front-wheel riser you have the ability to save thousands of dollars on equipment and fees.

The best trainers for spinning come in three types: magnetic, air, or fluid. Air models are the least expensive and often the noisiest. Magnetic trainers are the quietest but tend to be the most expensive model. Fluid trainers fall in the mid-range in regard to both cost and noise factors. Trainers are also portable, easy to set up, take up little space to haul or store, and are more versatile as they can be used both indoors and outdoors. Using a trainer, you train the exact muscles used on the road and you earn every pedal stroke.

Reviews of the Best Trainers for Spinning

1. Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Review

The Blackburn Magnetic trainer is made by Blackburn, a company that produces high-quality bike equipment just as they have since 1975.


Handlebar-mounted remote lever controlled resistance makes switching between the six resistance settings quick, smooth and easy. The tubular steel frame offers swing-out legs for stability that is excellent. The mounting system is a fast crank so no matter if using a mountain or a road bike, it will seem entirely effortless.


  • High performance and adjustable
  • Smooth magnetic resistance
  • Swing out legs for added stability
  • Handlebar mountable remote lever

Positives and Negatives

This trainer is an affordable pricing option for trainer needs. The fact that it is not too heavy gives one the option of taking it with them for warm up on the day of the big race. Easy to set up and does not move about.

The primary downside to this trainer is it hunger for rear tires. Consider ordering a trainer tire to avoid the hassle later on down the road.

Amazon review and price comparison

Customer feedback

Most customers happily reported that for the affordable price this unit was more than they had expected.

Many wished that the instructions had photographs to make set up a little less complicated, but as is offers a quick and smooth set up. Quiet enough that purchasers had been able to place the trainer in the main family area, ride and not have anyone yell that the television could not be heard.

2. CycleOps Fluid2 Review

CycleOps is a company that for more than fifteen years has been a favorite amongst cyclists for their great USA based customer service and quality products that continue to have an actual lifetime warranty.


The CycleOps Fluid 2 ranks as one of the most loved models to date for the most realistic road-like feel. It is super quiet, sturdy and dependable. No modifications or additional parts are needed to attach your bike for its first inside adventure. The self-cooling, power-band technology along with the precision balanced flywheel are built to have your equipment withstand the tests of time.


  • Resistance varies with cadence
  • Larger flywheel for twice the inertia
  • Compatible with a wide variety of wheel sizes
  • Quietest of the trainers

Positives and Negatives

One of the greatest positives with this trainer is the cam lever tightens resistance with one motion while the power-band technology works with the rider so the resistance varies with both gearing and cadence.

Best reviews are on Amazon

Due to the fan being immersed in oil as a means of self-cooling it is one of the most expensive models and therefore not ideal for a beginner, although the quietness of the machine makes it an incredibly popular model.

Customer feedback

Most customers agree that the setup is very easy often being completed is as little as five minutes as there are no changes or modifications needed prior to use. Customers love the superb customer service that this USA made product offers as they are known for standing behind their product and often replaces entire units when issues arise.

Cost Comparison on Amazon

The fact that this unit is one of the costlier units comes up often with customers as well as the poorly written instructions that many find hard to understand. Customer service is available to assist as is the video demonstrations that they have placed on YouTube for customer reference.

3. FDW Magnet Steel Bike Trainer Review

The Magnet Steel Bike trainer is made by Factory Direct Wholesale (FDW), based out of Georgia that eliminates the middle man to save you money.


As resistance is produced by the fan that is turned when pedals are pushing fluid, the harder you pedal the more the resistance increases, much like riding on the road. It also features various resistance settings adjustable on the trainer, so you can pick how hard you want the session you are doing to be. It fits almost any size frame and wheel, so is useful for all types of cyclists. It is optimized to be silent also so if you are looking for a quiet ride this is the product you would want to turn to. See how much it is on Amazon


  • Fits most size bike tires
  • Handlebar resistance changing
  • Progressive magnetic resistance
  • Surprisingly quiet for the price

Positive and Negatives

This trainer is one of the least expensive trainers of its type. Offers a low noise design. Very stable and durable while still being easy to fold and store.

The primary downside to this trainer is the poorly written instructions and the lack of clips or ties to hold the control knob cable onto the bike, however, you can always use a zip tie or tape to prevent accidentally becoming hung up within the cable when getting on or off the trainer and bike. See Amazon Reviews

Customer feedback

Many customers rave about the durability and superior stability of this unit recommending it to others as they are 200+ pound purchasers that have not had anything but positive outcomes since date product arrived at their homes. The cable adjuster is another area in which customer feedback incredibly high as normally the cheaper price range trainers do not offer this item.

Many customers are having issues with the poor quality equipment, missing or broken parts out of the box or plastic knobs breaking upon installation. Discovered there are different companies offering this product. The ones from Cavalier and FDW are better quality than some of the others.

Final Thoughts

If you are new to spinning or any type of indoor cycling, we recommend that you shop around for the best trainer for spinning that you feel the most comfortable using. The differences in types, prices, pros, cons, and additional factors are many. Rollers are another option that experienced riders have recommended as an option for a better home spinning workout and we have reviews available here for the best rollers.

If you are new to cycling, a bicycle can even be acquired for a minimal expense at places such as garage sales, thrift stores, pawnshops, or your local buy and sell spot. This way you have not invested a huge chunk of money until you have the opportunity to ensure home spinning is your exercising best interests. Also, by going with a cheaper option of bicycle you will not have an issue replacing a tire or two down the line.