General Ride Information

Rides are rated for difficulty, generally on the basis of distance, hilliness, and traffic, with “A” being the easiest and “E” being the hardest.

“O” (Orientation) Rides
Perfect for the novice. Rides are short (20-30 miles) and guided by experienced riders.

“EZ” (Easy Rider) Rides
Good rides for beginning riders. Short (20-25 miles), in-town rides led by an experienced cyclist; leisurely-paced with lots of sightseeing stops.

“GR” (Group) Rides
For intermediate riders. Medium length (25-40 miles), leader-led rides at a 12-15 mph pace.

“MP” (Mid-Paced) Rides
For intermediate to advanced riders. Medium-length rides at 16-20 mph.

“TR” (Training) Rides
Long rides (50-60 miles) in a fast (20+ MPH) paceline.

“TT” (Time Trials)
Riders start at one-minute intervals and are timed on a short (10-20 mile) course.

“DD” (Dirty Dozen)
Century rides (100 miles) for those who plan to ride 12 centuries in a calendar year.

“S&E” (Slow and Easy)
Century rides for those who aren’t sure they can do a century. 11-13 mph with no sags but frequent stops.

“ATB” (All terrain bikes)
Off-road 20-30 mile rides, all or mostly on dirt or gravel roads.