How to Prevent Bicycle Theft Using RFID Anti-Theft Tags

RFID Tags Bikes

Radio Frequency Identification Tags for Bikes

Deter bicycle thieves using the latest radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, essential for owners of high-value bikes as well as more modestly priced bicycles.

With 1200 bicycles stolen every day in the UK, bicycle owners need to take the best possible measures to protect their valuable bike purchase from theft. Electronic security tags using RFID technology offer such protection.

Security Tagging for Bicycles

The latest RFID technology from Immobilise uses a tagging device embedded into the bicycle frame. The device is linked to all police forces in the United Kingdom alerting them once the owner has notified Immobilise of a theft.

Customers must first register online with Immobilise then purchase the RFID device which can normally be delivered to UK addresses within 24 hours. The device costs £13.99 and offers the only ownership registration service supported by all the UK Police forces.

How to Add an RFID Tag to a Bike

  1. Purchase the RFID tagging device.
  2. Fit the tag inside the frame’s seat tube.
  3. Create a free account at Immobilise.
  4. Register and activate the tag online.
  5. Add relevant details about the bike such as a photo, frame serial number, and identifying marks onto your online account when registering the Immobitag.
  6. Attach the anti-theft warning label to the bike frame to deter thieves.

How Does ImmobiTag Work?

Every RFID tag contains a unique identification number. The Police via the National Mobile Property Register can read all information from your account. If the bike is stolen, the customer changes the online status to “stolen” and this alerts the Police immediately to any theft. The second-hand trade is also linked to the system so those bikes stolen to order can be spotted quickly.

With interlinked systems, all parties are kept aware of the bike’s status and relevant information for an insurance claim is readily available.

Additional Bike Security

Whilst this method of security tagging is the best, a good quality lock should still be fitted whenever the bike is left unattended whether at home or in the open. See our related theft prevention tips for cycle owners article for further information.

Alternative Methods of Bicycle Security Tagging

Whilst the Immobilise system is not expensive, some bike owners may prefer a cheaper option:

  • UV pens are an inexpensive means of marking a bike with relevant security details. Many campus security departments offer free UV pen marking and bike shops often provide the service for free too.
  • Bike etching, similar to VIN etching on a car windscreen, can be used to etch details onto frames. Whilst the frame will be permanently marked, this method does provide an immediate means of identification, assuming the bike can be located.

Best Anti-Theft Bike Protection

Electronic tagging is probably the best method of protection and offers the quickest and perhaps the only way to retrieve a stolen bike. Use RFID technology and a good quality lock to deter even the most determined thief.