The Alamo in San Antonio, TX

Built in 1724, the Alamo was first named Misión San Antonio de Valero and was originally intended to serve as a home to missionaries and their converts in this region.

Today, this site is commemorated for the immense role it played in the Texas Revolution, and was renamed the Alamo by the Spanish soldiers in memory of their hometown in Coahuila. Present-day visitors can relive the legendary past of the Alamo on the famous Battlefield Tour, which guides you through landmarks like the Musquiz House, the San Fernando Church, the Maverick House and the funeral pyres on Commerce Street.

You can even voice your support for the preservation of the Alamo, by buying yourself, or a loved one, a commemorative brick, or even donate a limestone Patio Paver. The well-informed docents, who lead you through the Alamo, also offer you a unique eye-opener into the various fables that shroud the historic battle, while history buffs can browse through the rare artifacts and memorabilia pertaining to the Alamo’s past, like a flintlock rifle used in the battle, a period Bowie knife and even personal artifacts belonging to Alamo’s celebrated heroes, which the museum houses.

At the end of your visit, don’t forget to stop by at the gift shop which houses quaint souvenirs like books, apparel, flags and jewelry and take home a bit if San Antonio’s grandiose past with you! Admittance to the Alamo is free of cost and the site is open to visitors from 9 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Saturday, and 10 am to 5:30 pm on Sunday.

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Events at Alamo

Remembering The Alamo
All reenactments during the two day events of Remembering the Alamo will be free, and held in the Alamo Plaza.

San Antonio’s historic Alamo is a special place to visit any time during the year, however, the annual Remembering the Alamo event held each March is a particularly special time to visit the Alamo. Remembering the Alamo is a free event organized by the San Antonio Living History Association. The goal of the event is to honor everyone who was involved on both sides of the Alamo battle.

Remembering the Alamo is a re-enactment of the final two days of the Battle of the Alamo (March 5-6, 1836). The event takes place in Alamo Plaza in San Antonio on a weekend in March. It also includes a special ceremony called Dawn at the Alamo which occurs on the morning of March 6 every year. The weekend event includes band, marching drills, cannon demonstrations and more.

The legendary Battle of the Alamo was a 13 day battle in 1836 during which a few men tried to obtain independence from Mexico. While the battle of the Alamo was ultimately won by the Mexicans, it is said that the fight occupied the Mexican Army long enough for Sam Houston to organize and prepare to fight for Texas independence from Mexico.

The San Antonio Living History Association seeks to educate visitors about what the Battle of the Alamo was actually like for the men, women and children who lived in the area in 1836. The event is fun, exciting and educational for the entire family and make a visit to the Alamo come alive.

Fiesta San Antonio
For ten days, San Antonio, Texas becomes one big Fiesta during Fiesta San Antonio.

Fall at the Alamo

San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival
The San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival is beginning to lay down the tracks that will lead to a successful run in the San Antonio area.