Thule Bike Rack Review: Don’t Buy Without Reading

Hi there, me again on car racks for bikes. This time is Top 3 Thule Bike Rack Review under $500. Feel excited – right?

Thule is no longer a new brand if you have searched for the best car crack before. Hence, you already know that Thule bike racks are versatile, decent, and durable.

In this article, I will share some thoughts on the three best Thule Bike Racks coming at less than $500 for all cars. Hope it is helpful so that you can invest in the most suitable racks to enjoy endless cycling.

No beating around the bush anymore! I will introduce today’s list right away.

A Snapshot of Thule Bike Rack Review

Best Thule Bike Features Benefits

Thule Thru-Ride Fork Mount 535

  • Load up to 20kg stuff
  • Weigh 4.2 kilograms
  • Adjust the bike’s positioning automatically
  • Go with a torque limiter
  • Support soft claw pads, along with extended lower jaw
  • Diagonal quick-release wheel straps
  • Easy to mount and take out
  • Safer with lock, claw pads and wheel straps
  • Cheap
  • Even fit with “fat” bike
  • Recommended for one bike
Thule Raceway PRO Trunk Mount Bike Rack
  • Able to load two bikes and up to 30kg
  • Sure-tight ratcheting cables and integrated locks
  • No-sway cages & soft cradles
  • The bike rack arms are easy to fold down
  • Easy to install and unmounted when not in use
  • Safer mounting with sure-tight cables and locks
  • Protect the bikes from shocking on the way
Thule Apex Bike Hitch Rack
  • Max load capacity: 4 bikes (2’’ – 2.5’’ receiver)
  • Secured locks to the vehicle (cars) and the carrier (bikes)
  • Apex Swing to avoid access to rear compartments
  • Holdfast cradles and no-sway cages
  • Cable locks included
  • High-loaded capacity
  • Sturdy and effortless to mount and unmount the rack
  • Easy to open the cargo area
  • Safer mounting with locks

A Closer Look at Top 3 Thule Bike Racks – Pros & Cons

Does any Thule Bike Rack catch your eyes? Then, its full review is available right below.

#1. Thule Thru-Ride Fork Mount 535

This 598001 Roof Bike Rack is ideal for carrying lightweight bikes thanks to its grid-like rubber jaws, which not only compress around the bike’s brake hoses or gear cables but also conform to tube shapes.

You can set your mind at rest since the bike is kept from falling on the transporting way. What’s more, the outstanding torque limiter feature does an excellent job in controlling the force going to the bike frame. It secures the bike from scratches or damage.


  • Easily fit and mount to any roof bar
  • A reversible design, making it effortless to use on either side of the car
  • Come with locks to keep your bike and bike rack safer
  • Diagonal quick-release straps to hold wheels more safely
  • Affordable price


  • Load up to 20kg and even fit “fat bike,” but for one bike at a time.
  • The instruction is like a toilet paper.

You should visit Youtube to learn the assembly tutorial. A small but annoying experience that Thule should improve in later versions.

#2. Thule Raceway PRO Trunk Mount Bike Rack

Mounting the rack to the roof bar often takes time. It also causes wind resistance as well. Whereas, the hitch-mounted rack is easily swung off on driving. Many people would like to connect the bike rack to the trunk of their vehicles.

Thule trunk-mounted bike rack review

If you have the same idea, check the next product on the Thule bike rack review – Raceway PRO Trunk-Mount. This tool is straightforward to install and even safer with the Sure-tight ratcheting cables rather than the woven straps like many others.

To be specific, the bikes are secured to the rack and the rack is also locked to the car. Moreover, there are coated soft cradles to keep your bikes shake-free by absorbing shock on the way.

What I like:

  • The soft cradles absorb the possible shock and vibrations
  • It is straightforward to assemble and mount the rack
  • I also love the multi-layer security (Super-tight ratcheting cables + locks)

Besides, the rack’s arms can be folded at ease. That means I can unmount and keep this Thule Raceway PRO from the eyes of thieves. Honestly, this tool does not go cheap so better safe than sorry.

What I do not like:

  • It can carry up to two bikes. If you want more, it’s impossible because the rear is not empty all the time.
  • This Thule bike rack is a bit heavy compared to others I have used so far. Anyway, it is still acceptable.

#3. Thule Apex Bike Hitch Rack

In case you have one bike, the car roof probably is an excellent place to mount that vehicle. However, if you seek for Thule bike rack for a family riding picnic, you need another choice. That time, I recommend the Apex 4-Bike Hitch Rack.

Thule bike rack review on hitch-mounted version
Thule bike rack review on hitch-mounted version

From its name, you can figure out that this tool can load up to 4 bikes in one go, a high capacity. Not to mention, the unique Apax Swing design prevents your rear compartments from the direct access to the bike, even in case of a full load.

Accordingly, you do not have to worry that your bikes might move back and forth on driving since there are Holdfast shock-absorbing cradles. With the Thule Apex, the EasyMount system makes the installation effortless without any tool needed.

Thumbs up:

  • High-loaded capacity up to 4 bikes
  • Sturdy, stable and effortless to mount and unload the bikes
  • Easy to open the cargo area
  • Safe mounting

The cable locks to hitch and onto the rack itself. It means you can lock it and forget it. Without the key, it is a challenging task for the thieves to steal both the frame and bikes away. But, the first condition is that you keep your key under safety.

Thumbs down:

  • I had no luck with the assembly due to the size and weight of all components. It took me nearly an hour to get it done.
  • This tool connects directly to the frame of bikes

The Arc design keeps my care from accessing much to the rack, and my bike frame is under stress. The reason is this Thule Apex Hitch Rack utilizes the structure as the attachment point.

Have You Had Your Own Choice?

From this Thule Bike Rack review, I hope you can eventually invest in a rack under $500. If you still cannot find the best, feel free to leave your requirements below.  I am willing to recommend other suitable choices for you.