Top 10 Best Bike Accessories

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Best Road Cycling Accessories

Best Floor Pump

You can struggle along with a hand pump if you want to but, once you have got a nice floor pump, I guarantee you will never look back! It’s just the sheer ease and pleasure of pushing downwards, the satisfying amount of pressure and quantity of air that you can shift in one smooth action………ahh…..lovely!

Topeak Sport 11 floorpump cycling club san antonio

I use a Topeak Sport 11 floorpump – it’s completely awesome

Chamois Cream

It’s never good to have a sore posterior and, among other things using a good quality chamois cream will help keep your tender parts happy.

Endura chamois cream cycling club san antonio
I’ve been using this Endura chamois cream for a number of years and it’s served me well. I’ve used it on a number of 50-mile rides and also on my 100-mile ride. It’s messy to put on but does make a difference to your comfort levels on a long ride.

Bike Phone Mount

I did a lot of research on phone mounts a little while ago as I needed a new bike computer and was thinking that my phone would probably do a pretty good job. I came to the conclusion that I really didn’t want to risk hearing the sound of my phone smashing on the tarmac and so decided that, if I was going to fix it to the bike then a high-quality mount was the only way to go.

Rokform system cycling club San Antonio

I concluded that the Rokform system was the way to go. It’s weatherproof, shockproof and sturdy. There was no way that I was going to entrust the safety of my phone to a $9.99 mount so spending the money on a quality system like this, for me at least, is money well spent.

In the end, I realized that whilst I was training for my 100-mile ride, the battery on my phone probably wouldn’t have lasted if I was using it as a bike computer as well. Rather than buy the mount kit I invested in a new bike computer instead-but if I had got amount this is the one I would have gone for.

Bike Cleaning Stuff

Broadly speaking you will only really need a good quality degreaser and some chain lube. I use this Muc off drivetrain cleaner/degreaser and the Muc off wet chain lube as well. Apart from these I make do with a selection of disgustingly dirty and greasy cloths, sponges, buckets and household cleaning solutions and cleaners.

Muc off drivetrain cleaner Cycling Club San Antonio

However, I have often been tempted by one of these fancy chain cleaning contraptions and I have had this complete compendium of bike cleaning goodies on my Christmas list for two years now (WHY has nobody bought me it??!!)

Bike Repair Stand

A bike repair stand might seem like a bit of a luxury but, believe me, once you have one you will never look back! It was probably OK crawling around on the floor washing/fixing my bike when I was 14 but now, at the age of 50 it’s literally a pain in the neck/knees/back! I use my bike stand for all bike maintenance and washing tasks and it means that the bike is at a level where I can just stand and don’t need to bend down at all – luxury!

bike stand cycling club san antonio

I have this stand – it’s not particularly fancy or top of the range but it does a great job! I have more about My Top Bike Repair stands and I go into more detail.

Best Car Bike Rack

I have been really surprised at how often I use my bike rack. It only takes a couple of minutes to put it on and mount the bike and it opens up a much wider range of cycling options. I do get a bit tired of cycling the same routes time and again from my front door but, by driving even for just ten or fifteen minutes with the bike on the car, I can open up a whole new world of route possibilities!

Cyclecar mounts/racks come in three main types. Firstly there is the clip on ones that mount on the trunk of the car or onto the hatchback. Secondly, you can get mounts that mount lower down at the back of the car and finally there are roof-mounted bars. In all honesty, the roof-mounted option is the most secure and appealing (and also the most expensive) but I haven’t had any problems using a basic trunk-mounted option.

Cyclecar mount rack cycling club san Antonio

The car mount I currently have is the Allen Sports Delux. There is definitely a bit of a technique to getting it securely fixed on the car but, once it is on there and the bike is mounted it feels safe and secure. However, I probably wouldn’t want to use it for very heavy bikes, it’s load capacity is way above the weight of my road bike but I wouldn’t feel happy with a really heavy bike on it. The other disadvantage is that you can’t open the trunk/hatch with the bike on the car and you can’t really lock the bike to the car if you want to leave it either. However, as a good basic starter bike mount, I think it does a great job!

I have an exclusive top 10 bike racks page I created. There are so many to choose from – so I made it ease. See my top Bike racks

Bike Locks

Fancy a quick pit stop at a cafe for a tea and slice of cake? Well, in that case you will need some sort of lock to secure your bike whilst you indulge! As a super fit, lithe and completely aero road cyclist then obviously having a big, fat padlock and chain isn’t really going to work. Similarly, a lightweight flimsy lock won’t give an adequate amount of security for your costly road bike.

What you need is a strong but lightweight bike lock. Luckily, I have written a whole post on my recommendations here.

Multi Tools

You absolutely need to have a good multitool. I have one of these Wotow models and it works really well. I keep in my saddle bag for emergency repairs on the road but I also find it really convenient for working on the bike at home as well.

Wotow cycling Club

Why look for a load of different Allen keys when you can have them all together in one handy tool!

Saddle Bag

Vital for holding a good multi tool, spare inner tube, tire levers and emergency cash. I keep a couple of Paracetomol in mine as well as a tiny tube of sun screen. Mine is this Wotow model. It seems to be tough and waterproof and works really well.

Wotow saddle bag Cycling Club San Antonio