Top 10 San Antonio Bicycle Locks

Almost every bicyclist carries a tale of a compromised bicycle. Many times, that bicycle had been left unlocked, locked up wrongly, or entrusted to a lock that was too quickly busted by thieves. Even though it is true that every lock can be destroyed, a great lock used correctly can significantly decrease the chances that it will be your bicycle that gets stolen. If you’re a daily biker, the problem isn’t whether to get a bicycle lock but how much of a lock you would need. Although no bike lock can totally avert determined thieves with the right gear, the very best locks can make it not worth the enormous effort. So whether your concern is absolute protection or something compact and reasonably priced to deter any bike-stealing, one of these ten locks will suit your demands.

Top Bicycle Locks in San Antonio


OnGuard Mastiff Combination Chain Lock

The OnGuard Mastiff Combination Chain Lock is a safe and secure manner in which you can keep your cycle safe from theft. This is a far throw from the old combination locks most Americans used in the school yard many years ago. No longer do you have to fear that a thief can just pull at the locking mechanism and figure out the combination. This OnGuard Combination chain lock is constructed of titanium-reinforced hardened steel that is resistant to cutting and sawing instruments. The chain itself is made of square links for added strength. The chain is 8 to 10 mm thick. The steel ball combination locking mechanism is permanently forged into the chain itself to heighten the level of security this lock provides the owner. The technology used in the construction of this chain is X4P. The locking mechanism is a double bolt X2 type that is pull-resistant for added security. Another feature of this bike combination lock is the ability for the owner to reset the combination as many times as they feel is necessary. There are a total of 9,999 different combinations of the lock that can be used. The dimensions of this bike lock are 31.5” x 2.5” x 0.32”. The chain is covered with a water-resistant fabric to help prevent rusting and corrosion. The overall weight of this OnGuard Lock is 3.4 pounds. It also has a security rating of 57.


Abus Tresor Chain Combination Lock

The Abus Tresor Chain Combination Lock is a quarter-inch square chain bike lock that is made by a German security company that specializes in helping others to keep their person powered vehicles safe from would-be thieves. The chain is then covered with a quarter-inch layer of fabric so the finish on your bike will never be damaged by it when it is in use. The chain is constructed from special hardened steel that resists cutting, sawing and twisting by want to be thieves. The bike lock has an overall length of 33 ½”. Its total weight is 2 ½ pounds. The locking mechanism is made from an advanced 2 component molded design that helps to give the digits a long life. Unlike other chain locks, this one cannot be manipulated into revealing the combination. No matter how much the thief twists and turns this lock, it will always appear to be solid. The rating of this bike lock’s security is for medium theft risk areas. The transportation of this ABUS lock can be accomplished by wrapping the chain around the frame. There is also a carrying pouch that can be used and mounted to the frame or it can be placed in the pocket or on the shoulder of the rider. The long length of the Abus Tresor Chain Combination Lock allows for the rider to easily place the bike lock around a fixed object and the bike to protect it.


Abus Granit X-Plus Bike Lock

The Abus Granit X-Plus Bike Lock was designed and is manufactured by a German security company whose only business is helping others to keep their belongings safe from theft. The heart of this bike lock is a ½” square parabolic shackle. The design is so unique it is patented. All of the components of this U-Lock including the shackle, locking mechanism and supporting elements are made of special hardened steel. The ABUS power cell technology offers the highest protection against hitting and pulling attacks by would-be thieves that again it is patented. The ABUS X-Plus locking cylinder is also made with the highest level of protection so lock pickers cannot access it or open it. The total dimensions of this bike lock are 9” x 4 ¼” x ½”. The overall weight is just over 3 pounds. The mounting bracket is an EaZy KF design which can be opened with just one hand. It is made to be mounted on frames with a diameter of 1” to 1 ½”. The ABUS Granit X-Plus Bike Lock has the highest possible security rating for a lock of this type. This company is the number one choice for locks in high theft areas of Europe. It comes with two keys of which one has an LED light for use in diminishing light. The lock can be ordered so matching keys for multiple locks are possible.


Abus Bordo 6100 Steel Bar Combination Lock

The Abus Bordo 6100 Steel Bar Combination Lock is a German-built security system that can help keep your bike safe from those that wish to take it from you. The 5 mm bars of this lock is made of special hardened steel which is coated with a 2 component layer so the lock will not damage the finish of a bike when it is in place or being stored on the bike. When unfolded the circumference of this bike lock can reach up to 30” or 2 ½ feet. This is long enough to secure the bike to any post or railing securely. The bar bike lock has 6 bars that are connected to each other with special security rivets. This makes it possible for the user to extend the bars and secure the bike in a fashion that is better than the cables and chains most of us used as children. To help you lock and unlock the bike is a locking mechanism that has a settable pin code by the user. The numerical digits on the locking mechanism are made of 2 components that are molded together. This helps them to be read easily and help ensure they have a long life of visibility. The Abus Bordo 6100 Steel Bar Combination Lock can be mounted on your bike with either a velco strap or in a bottle cage.


Abus Armored Cable Combination Lock

The Abus Armored Cable Combination Lock was designed and is built to keeping your bike safe so you can have access to it when you need it. This lock is made of overlapping steel shells that protect the inner steel cable which has a diameter of 0.8”. It has a total length of 33.5”. The outer steel shells are made from special hardened steel to resist cutting and sawing. The outer covering is made of a water-resistant polymer to help protect the steel from weathering. The locking mechanism of this Abus Armored Cable Combination Lock looks similar to simple bike locks used by many school children, but with design improvements, it cannot be manipulated so a theft has no chance of determining the combination by twisting or pulling the lock. The numerical digits are made large so reading them. The indexes are made of two components so they will pass the test of time. They are imprinted in white with a black background so they are easy to read even with a diminishing light source. The code of this locking mechanism can also be changed and set by the owner. The changing of this pin number can be done as often as you think you need. That many users of this bike lock appreciate is that it securely immobilized the use of their bike while still being very flexible so storage and placement on the bike are easy.


OnGuard Pitbull U-Lock with Lighted Key

The OnGuard Pitbull U-Lock with Lighted Key is the protection you need to prevent the theft of your people-powered vehicle. Just as the name suggests, it is like having your own personal pit-bull standing watch over your bike. The Pitbull U-lock is 0.55” in a radius of Triradius hardened steel with a shackle that is 9.06” in length. The locking mechanism uses the X4P technology to help ensure the lock can only be opened by the right key. This technology helps to bring the security rating of this U-lock up to 80. This lock is capable of securing itself in place at multiple positions so you can secure your bike as you see fit to. Accessories the OnGuard Pitbull U-Lock comes with include a micro light key that is laser cut. This key makes it easier to see the hole when the light source around you is diminished. There are also 4 additional laser cut keys that will accompany this lock when you purchase it. To help you to arrive at your destination and the ability to lock your bike up the OnGuard Pitbull U-Lock can easily be mounted on your bike with a multi-position mounting bracket. This bracket is equipped with a snap-lock quick-release mechanism so securing your bike only takes a matter of seconds. The finish of this pitbull is black with a yellow accent that warns all potential thefts that they should forget about this one.


Knog Strongman U-Lock

The Knog Strongman U-Lock is a small lock that is big on helping you to protect your property. This bike lock has a ½” shaft of investment cast hardened steel that makes up the shackle. The actual dimension of this powerfully strong lock is 7.9” x 5.1” x 1.4”. This U shaped shaft is heat-treated so the perfect blend of harness and resistance to cutting has been achieved. To help protect the finish on your bike the Strongman lock is over-molded with UV resistant silicone rubber that is non-toxic. The locking mechanism of this lock is a single-piece investment cast lock housing that was designed to reduce the number of leverage points to open it. This is a double-ended locking mechanism which cannot be opened by twisting it. The locking barrel is a high-security disk style that has a minimum key combination of 5000 for each lock. This bike lock comes with 3 strongman high-security keys. Each lock has a unique key code and Knog can be contacted and a replacement key sent to you with proof of ownership. The mounting bracket for the strongman bike lock has a user-friendly ratcheting mechanism with an extra tough and wide strap that is a rubberized fabric that will secure the lock to the frame. To ensure the Knog Strongman U-Lock holds up to its name many tests were performed on it including drop, impact corrosion, extreme temperature, and cycling tests.


Onguard Bulldog Combination U-Lock Preliminary

Once you’ve acquired a new ride, you need to protect it. Every cyclist knows that there are thieves out there who will take off with your bike if given the chance, so we purchase the tools to prevent that from happening. One of the most powerful of those locks, if used correctly, is the U-lock. Why? Because it can’t be easily cut through and, if the lock is a good one, it can’t be easily cracked or jimmied either. We know the importance of a good combination U-lock, so we are looking at what is available right now. This Bulldog combination u-lock review is looking at the Onguard product with fresh eyes. This u-lock with combination has a reported 13mm (1/2 inch) thick U bar, double rubber coating to keep it from scratching up your bicycle, and a four-foot cable in case the U won’t work wherever you’re locking up your ride or for when you’d like to lock not just the frame, but the wheels too. One of the unique features we can see here is the Quattro Bolt Locking Mechanism for this Onguard combination u-lock. This locks across the bar and shackles from four directions (sides), which is definitely a security bonus against lock pickers and jimmy attempts. For the price, this is one of the better combination u-lock sets we’ve seen so far, but it does weigh in at a heft 3.6 pounds. At less than $30, though, that is probably as light as it gets for this kind of security. The lighter aluminum-titanium locks are way higher priced than this Bulldog U-lock is.


Dsteng Bike Lock Bicycle Lock Chain Resettable 4 Digit Combination

Anti-theft Bike Locks: When they see this bike lock, the intention of stealing is gone because they know it’s impossible to defeat with bare hand or even with hammer, cutters, or crowbarExcellent products :Flexible Steel Cables For Strong Cut Resistance,diameter:0.5-in , Length:31.5-in,Weight: 10.58 ounces set And Reset: You can keep changing your combination on the WordLock Cable Lock as many times as you want to keep your bike secure Versatile USE: simple and portable to use, great for bicycles, scooters, sports equipment, gates and fences, grills and lawnmowers or other valuables.


XZSUN Bike Lock Bicycle Lock Chain

HIGH SECURITY:4′(120cm) long x 1/2”(12mm) diameter with vinyl shell. Steel Cable, Made of High Strength Braided Steel Wire, High Tenacity for Strong Cut Resistance. The Xzsun Bike Lock is even designed with a vinyl coating that is weatherproof and will not scratch your bike. Convenient to Use: 5-Digit combination coiling bike lock, easy to set your own personalized combination. Self-coiling for easy storage. MULTIPURPOSE:In addition to using this Lock to secure your bike, motorcycle or scooter, you can also use it to lock up your stroller, gates, toolbox, sports equipment, outdoor grill, landscaping equipment and much more. FASHIONABLE:multiple color can be chosen. unisex style, suitable for men women adult. And the bracket allows you to conveniently mount the lock to the frame of your bike for easy access when needed. WEATHERPROOF – The PVC coating helps prevent scratching and makes the lock cable stand up to the toughest environments.