Top 10 San Antonio Bicycle Parts and Accessories

If perhaps you’re hoping to save money and turn into more self-sufficient in keeping and updating your bicycle parts and accessories you have to be able to properly determine the parts that match your bike/body and are perfect for your needs. Selecting a complete and straightforward reference of useful reference details can be challenging. Before you head to the bicycle shop to pick-up your new favorite mode of transport, it’s helpful to know all the tiny details that will make the bicycle buying procedure less difficult.

Top Bicycle Parts and Accessories in San Antonio


Topeak Beam Quick Release MTX Bike Rack

The Topeak Beam Quick Release MTX Bike Rack is one of the few luggage accessories that have only one mounting place, the seat post. With this design, the overall weight of the bike rack is reduced along with a really cool look. The connection at the seat is also made to be a quick-release type so you will be on your way in a matter of seconds. This is accomplished because no tools are needed.

There are also no mounting struts to the rear axle or frame of the bike. The capacity of the Topeak Beam MTX Bike Rack is 20 pounds. The quick-release mechanism that attaches to the seat post can be adjusted to accommodate posts from 1” to 1 ¼”. The beam of the bike rack is made out of high-quality aluminum. The overall size of the rack is 21.3” long, 5” wide and 3.2” in depth when closed. It weighs a total of 1.5 pounds. Accessories that come standard with the Topeak Beam Quick Release MTX Bike Rack include a safety reflector facing towards the rear, two rubber bungee cords to help secure your baggage. There is also a mounting area where a tail light or Redlight can be securely attached built into the bike rack. If you need more storage capacity side strut frames can be used so trunk bags and be secured to the rack’s frame.


Planet Bike ATB Mountain and Cruiser Bike Fenders

I recently picked up some Planet Bike ATB Mountain and Cruiser Bike Fenders to give some wet weather protection to a tandem cruiser bike that I recently bought. The fenders are lightweight and reasonably priced and should be easy to install. The bike fenders are made out of the patented Superflex material that is an unbreakable polycarbonate. These are mounted to the bike with stainless steel braces, so they are sturdy and will never rust. The braces are double riveted to the fenders to ensure they always stay connected to each other no matter the terrain you are covering.

The rear fender is of a full standard design while the front is a standard half fender leaving the front of the tire exposed. They can be fitted on bikes that have tires in sizes of 1.75” to 2.25” wide and a diameter of 26”. The width of each fender is 60 mm or 2.36”. The overall weight of the fenders and braces is less than 1 pound. To mount the ATB fenders there are adjustable stainless steel braces that have a quick lock system so adjustments can be instantly made for the current conditions you are riding in. All of the bolts and nuts are also made of stainless steel and included with the fenders.


Topeak Explorer Bike Rack

The Topeak Explorer Bike Rack is built to help you carry what you need on your trip. Just like the reliable Topeak JoeBlow Max HP Floor Pump, this bike rack is made of high-quality material for long life. This rear-mounted rack is made or 6061 T-6 hollow aluminum tubing that weighs only 1.38 pounds. It is capable of holding up to 55 pounds of cargo. The rack measurements are 13.4” x 5.6” x 16.3”. This bike rack is mounted to the frame of the bike just behind and below the seat and on or new the rear axle. All joints are precision welded for firm support of the cargo.

The hardware included with the rack is made of stainless steel to prevent rusting at the mounting points. The rack is compatible with the MTX QuickTrack system where the Topeak MTX and RX QuickTrack trunk bags can be easily mounted. For those mounting this rack on a mounting bike, there is a rear fender that reducing slash from the rear tire in wet conditions. This rear fender will also protect the cargo from becoming wet on the bottom side. The holding lever can also be used in combination with straps or alone on the cargo you decide to carry. This Topeak Explorer Bike Rack comes in black and is compatible with all typical bike frames from 26 to 27.5”.


Schwalbe Big Apple Fast Cruiser Tire

The Schwalbe Big Apple Fast Cruiser Tire supplies the rider with an additional air suspension system built into their bike. This provides a more comfortable ride for the user without compromising the stability or handling qualities of the bike they are mounted on.

This more comfortable ride is called the balloon tire effect which has been around for over 10 years. Another added feature of the Big Apple tire is the bead contains a wire. This wire adds to the stability of the tire and rim contact points to help keep the tire in place when it is in action on the road. The Schwalbe Big Apple Fast Cruiser Tire includes the Raceguard belt protection device. This adds to the stability of this oversized tire and decreases the chances of your tire experiencing a puncture while you are on the road. The specifications of this performance tire are a weight of 710 grams or 3.8 pounds and are 26” x 2.15”. The standard inflation range of this tire is between 35 and 70 psi. On a 5 point scale, this tire rates a 5 in both speed and grip. It also rates a 4 in protection and durability categories according to the manufacturer. The Schwalbe Big Apple Fast Cruiser Tire is the largest tire you can mount on your bike that will require no modification to the other components to use them.


CycleOps Fluid 2 Bicycle Trainer

Living in a cold place can hamper training. Many cyclists like to train outdoors on the beautiful trails rather than working indoors. However, as winter sets in, indoor training is the only way to keep fit. In such a situation, it’s a good idea to look for indoor training equipment that will provide the same level of fitness and endurance for cyclists.

One such option is the CycleOps Fluid 2 bike trainer. It comes with large flywheels that provide a road-like feel for the trainers. This CycleOps Fluid 2 bicycle trainer comes with cool features. It has an infinite resistance curve that increases wattage as speed increases and the power band offers a high resistance level for trainers. These features give the right amount of inertia that helps cyclists to train and maintain their endurance levels. It is aimed to make a workout more enjoyable and so, it also includes a training DVD to help cyclists to train better. For all its features, the manufacturers assert that it is silent and comes with a patented design for the fan that cools down the system and enhances performance for longer periods of time. Many customers who have used this product find it silent and convenient to use. However, they opine that you need some accessories such as water bottle holders, bike thongs and a fan to make you feel cool while exercising. Overall, they feel satisfied with the CycleOps fluid trainer and they believe it has helped them to train indoors.


Delta Bicycle Strapless Toeclips

If you are using your bicycle to commute to work and want a bit more stability (especially when you need to stand up to pedal), then you may want to consider the Delta commuter toe clips for bike pedals. These allow you to wear your normal shoes but still have the security and stability that these strapless bike toe clips can provide.

Delta strapless bicycle pedal toe clips are very affordable, at only about $8 a pair, and are easily installed on most bikes. They’re molded from unbreakable nylon, come with the necessary mounting hardware, and have a lifetime warranty on their materials. If you’ve been riding to work with normal pedals, you know that your feet slipping and missed placement of your foot can be, well, painful. Commuter bicycle pedals are made to both keep your foot secure and allow easy egress from the pedal so you can set your foot down at stops. There are a lot of these types of commuter toe clips for bike pedals out there, but many are made from relatively cheap plastics that won’t stand up to a lot of wear. So watch for the higher-quality, guaranteed products, which these Delta strapless toe clips for bicycle commuters are. The clips are 2 x 5.9 x 3.9 inches and weigh only 3.2 ounces. Most of the other reviews of these toe clips that we have read are very favorable. While this is only a preliminary review for cycling for beginners, for those who need a bicycle-commuter-based solution for their ride should take a look at Delta strapless bicycle pedal toe clips.


Reelight SL 120 Bicycle Light Set

Some riders are willing to go to the next level for safety. Keeping track of what the state of charge of your safety lights’ batteries are in can be tricky and running out of charge while out on the road can be dangerous. Consequently, most batteries get changed too often. With battery-free bicycle lights, that worry is eliminated.

Today, we’re going to do a Reelight SL120 review and show you how much has changed since the early days of the cumbersome generators that made you pedal harder to get the juice. These wireless bicycle lights use electromagnetics to draw power from your moving wheels. These wireless bike lights mount to the axle or skewer and use electromagnetic pads to create electricity from the movement of your bicycle’s wheels. They use LED for bright, low-energy bicycle lighting and flash automatically whenever the wheels are in motion. They have a small capacitor inside that store’s power for about two minutes so that the lights continue working when you’re stopped at a light or sign as well. They’re more expensive than battery-powered lights, but remove most of the headaches involves in those bicycle lighting systems. With battery lights, you have to turn them on and off each time and you have to monitor the battery’s state of charge so you don’t lose juice in the middle of a ride. With the Reelight SL120, they turn on and off automatically, according to when you’re riding, and they require no batteries at all. With our preliminary look, we think that those who can afford a $65 safety system on their bicycle would be well served with a battery-free bicycle light system like this.


Mzyrh Mountain Bike Pedals

Smooth: Lubricated sealed bearing platform pedals 3 Bearing. Anti-skid pins: Anti-slip cleats design, strong grasps, no longer skid, the mzyrh mountain bike pedal is better for riding or racing.

Weight & Size: 0.45lb, 4.1in x 3.58in x 1.0in (105mm x 91mm x 26mm) each. Good pedals grips: Aluminum ANTI-SKID nails for efficiency pedaling.Easy installation: L for left pedal; R for right pedal. Durable: High Strength Aluminum Alloy possess durable flat pedals fit for mountain bike pedals, road bike pedals, BMX pedals, exercise bike pedals, fixie bike pedals, folding bike pedals.


Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror

Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror is an unbreakable clear stainless steel lens for a safe ride. High-impact durable frame. Fully recyclable lens for a better planet. Adjustable viewing angles.

Design for flat handlebar and drop bar. Foldable frame. Hafny Bike Mirror barely takes any space while parking. It is good for commuting on the bus or parking in the garage. The joint is sturdy and flexible. You can rotate the mirror 360 degrees, and never have to worry about the mirror getting knocked down. Compared to regular glass mirrors, the stainless steel lens is fully recyclable and unbreakable! In case any accidents happen, the Hafny stainless steel lens mirror will stay strong with you! This little mirror works for both of the road bike drop bars, and also MTB handlebars!


FETESNICE Adjustable Mountain Bike Fender

Adjustable Fetesnice Mountain Bike Fender, Front and Rear Compatible, Fits 26″, 27.5″, 29″, Plus Size and Fat Bike Wheel Sizes.

Material Can be Suffer in High Temperature, Long-Lasting Exposure,  And Can be Folded Many Times. Thickness is Reach 1.2mm, Generally, the Most of Mudguard in the Market is Around 1.0mm. Flexible Material and Extremely Easy to Install It,  Protects Your Fork Stanchions and Bridge from Getting Caked. Reducing the Need for Cleaning and Servicing. Made of High-Quality Material, and Suitable for Most Bikes. Fender Keeping Spray off Your Face When Riding after a Rain through Streams or Standing Water.


KMC Z410 Bicycle Chain

Jazz up your bike with one of six colors of this KMC bike chain. With its heavy-duty structure and stainless steel construction, this chain is strong and durable, so you can be at ease as you ride. Type: Other AccessoriesGender: UnisexMaterial: Stainless SteelColor: Blue, Red, Black, Pink, Orange, Silver.