Top 10 Best Handlebar Grips for Mountain Bikes

Best Handlebar Grips – MTB Grips

Basic grips are rubber pipes that slide onto the end of your bike’s handlebars. Grip selection and positioning will impact braking control and gear switching and also hand and arm positioning. Excellent grips that suit your physical sizes, traveling style, and riding self-discipline will add comfort, ease, and control to your ride – bad, ill-fitting grips will result in troubles under pressure, hand pain, for Mountain Bikes, and even long-term pain. The problem in picking out grips from the many selections on the market is that what fits one person may not always suit another. In many cases, this is a matter of trying out a range of designs and types until you discover the set that is ‘right’ for yourself.


ODI Cross Trainer Grips

ODI Cross Trainer grips are replacement bicycle handlebar grips. While many bicycle grips merely slide onto the handlebars and therefore can slide around, these ODI lock-on grips bolt on to the bars with small lock rings on each side of the grip that keep the grip on tight with no slipping.

ODI Cross Trainer grips have a rubber cross-ribbed design. They are slimmer than some other popular grips, and the alternating rib pattern provides both a soft feel and some gripping traction. These grips come in standard 130 mm length, which may be slightly longer than some stock bike handlebar grips, but should be the right size for most adult-sized bikes. When ordering online, be sure to read the description closely to see if you are buying just the grips or the grips with lock-rings and end plugs – some sellers sell only the grips and assume you’ll buy the other stuff separately (you can buy different color lock-rings to customize your look). Often, you’ll see a “bonus pack” that comes with the clamps and snap-in end caps. These ODI grips come with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.


ODI Rogue Grips

The selection of ODI Rogue Grips includes the right type for your bike riding style. At first glance, the grips appear to have a tread pattern similar to an all-terrain tire. This is done on purpose so the rider will have a firm grip in the handlebars of the bike so they will always be in control of it.

This is accomplished by not only the tread pattern but also the propriety compound they are constructed so they can absorb the maximum amount of shock while being used. This way your hands will always be in place to prevent an accident. The raised pads not only absorb some of the shocks from riding, but they also have large channels between them so dirt and water can be directed away from the contact area of the grips and hands. The performance of these grips is guaranteed to be 100% slip-free.

The ODI Rogue Lock-On Grip Bonus Pack has everything you need to equip your bike with this advanced safety device. This includes the grips, the lockjaw clamps and end caps that snap on along with the Allen wrench to secure the clamps down tight. If you have already made the switch to Odi grips then replace parts for each component is also available. This way there is no waste when making a purchase. This includes just the grips or the clamps and end caps which are sold separately.


ODI Ruffian Grips

The ODI Ruffian Grips are designed with a knurled surface that is narrower than ODI Rogue Grips and specifically designed for adults and children who have smaller hands. The narrowing of the grip does reduce the amount of shock-absorbing the grip has, but the pattern still gives the rider the same 100% Slip Free Performance as its cousin.

This maximum amount of traction of the grip helps riders to hang onto the handlebars when they are transversing rough terrain. The Ruffian grips are known as the original lock on the style of grips that have their patented lock-on clamp to ensure the grip does not slip off the handlebars no matter what the condition is.

Attached to the lock-on clamp is a snap-on end to help keep the water out of the handlebars and make the grips look stylish. The ODI Ruffian Grips were originally designed for the mountain bike racer that needed to reduce wind drag and weight while not compromising on the grip’s ability to remain tacky so contact with the rider’s hand is assured.

This is true no matter what conditions the grips are put thru including rain and muddy terrain. Each set of ODI Ruffian Grips in the bonus pack has the grips, the lock-on clamps, end caps, and Allen wrench to secure the grips to your handlebars. They also come in seven different colors to help match your bike and personal preference that include black, white, pink, bright red, lime green, aqua, and bright blue.



MEETLOCKS ergonomic designed aluminum alloy locking ring integrated horn grips fit for all of the adult bike handlebars in the normal diameter of 22mm (0.87 inches).

Good design in high quality is widely suitable for most of the bikes, such as MTB, BMX, road bike or folding bike, etc. It is ergonomic designed that will minimize the fatigue of your hands and reduce the vibration while in riding, protecting your wrist and palm.

High-Quality Rubber + Aluminum Alloy Clamp Bolts, Comfortable And Antislip Design. Ergonomic Designed Handlebar Grips With High Comfortableness, Will Minimize The Fatigue Of Your Hands And Reduce The Vibration In The Riding. Size: 140mm Length, Fits For Normal Bicycles Handlebar In Outer Diameter Approximately 22.2mm(0.87 Inch). Durable Aluminum Alloy Strengthening Clamp Lock, Keeping The Grips Tight Without Any Worries Of Losing Or Falling Down.

For Bike Type – Fits 22mm Handlebars(Normal On Most Bikes). Great For Mountain Bikes, Comfort Cruiser Bikes, Fixies, Single Speed Bikes, Fixed Gear Bicycles, Folding Bikes, BMX Racing Bikes, Road Bikes, Commuter/Urban Bikes, Or Any Other Bike That Used A Normal 22mm Handlebar.


GPMTER Bike Handlebar Grips

Perfect suitable for most of the bikes. Fits 22.2mm GPMTER Handlebars (Normal On Most Bikes). Great For Mountain Bikes, Comfort Cruiser Bikes, Fixies, Single Speed Bikes, Fixed Gear Bicycles, Folding Bikes, BMX Racing Bikes, Commuter/Urban Bikes, Or Any Other Bike That Used A Normal 22.2mm Handlebar.

It is ergonomic designed that will minimize the fatigue of your hands and reduce the vibration while in riding, protecting your wrist and palm. Made of high-quality non-slip-rubber for durability, with a single aluminum alloy lock-on system. The high friction rubber provides enough grip in all-weather.

Durable aluminum alloy strengthening clamp lock, keeping the grips tight without any worries of losing or falling down. SIZE: 131mm length, fits for the handlebar of more than 90% of the bike with a diameter of 0.87in(22.2mm), such as BMX, mountain, MTB, beach cruiser, scooter, folding, downhill, commuter bicycle, etc. This is not suitable for Road Bikes.


Vktech Non-Slip Soft Rubber Mountain Bicycle Handlebar

Vktech Handlebar Features Soft durable rubber, anti-bacteria, and strong wearability, Custom anatomic raised surface provides traction maximum control, Non-slip grip, easy to put & take off, Provide extra comfort.

Great for all types of riding! Specification: Weight: 128g/pair, Size: Length: 120mm, Diameter: 22.2mm. It includes 1 Pair Fexie Soft Rubber Handlebar Grips The material has good hand adhesion without being gummy or tacky. The surface texture is non-slip but not abrasive.

There is absolutely no cushioning, so padded gloves will be useful on all but the shortest rides. Dirt cheap, so I didn’t feel reluctant to trim them to length or punch out the endcap to fit a set of bar ends. I’ll probably pick up a couple more sets in different colors just to see how they look. The extras might even be good for other things around the home that need a rubber grip, e.g. handrail, door handle, hand tools.


Vinqliq Ergonomic Anatomic Handlebar Grip

Vinqliq Ergonomic Anatomic Handlebar Grip is a highly comfortable ergonomic design support multiple positioning options, increases efficiency, protects the wrist and blood vessel from long-time holding.

The non-slip knurled and textured molding surface enhances grip, environmental protection, breathable, wear-resistant for long riding. Triple density construction for shock absorption with a comfortable feel. Precision ergonomic fit provides increased control and optimal pressure distribution on the palm.

The patent CNC G2 lock system provides a secure and reliable operation to make bilateral locking with the inner expansion side locating screw.



ZUKKA Bike Handlebar Grips

ZUKKA Bike Handlebar Grips comes with two-color TPR Rubber Anti-Slip Designed for 22.2 mm Bicycle Handlebar.

It features TPR rubber with good toughness and elasticity, comfortable and soft. Anti-slip design surfaces, which offer a stronger grip and maximum control when you are sweating or raining, make it easier for you to ride without worries. Multiple splice colors to choose from: Black-Red, Black-Blue, Black-Green. Easy to install. Suitable for Bike handlebars with outer diameter 22.2 mm (0.87 in), such as MTB, BMX, road bike or folding bike, etc.

The unique two-color anti-slip handle surface, not only controls the handlebar firmly and reliably but also makes your bike stand out in the crowd.


OUTERDO New Handlebar Grips

Bicycle MTB BMX Road Mountain Bike Cycling Soft Rubber Handlebar Lock-on Mushroom Grips. This Features Ergonomic comfort handlebar grips will fit any regular handlebar. Outerdo New handlebar Grips are

Soft, shock-resistance let you feel comfortable. With a skidproof TPR rubber grip, you will feel good after a long time of riding. Durable hard inner core. Specifications: Material: Rubber, Inner Dimension: 21mm, Length: 12.5cm (approx), Color: Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, Black, White. Package includes 1x Pair of Bike Handlebar Grip.


Schwinn SW75823-6 Tri-Layer Gel Comfort Grip

Schwinn Tri-Layer Gel Comfort Grip: This comfort Grip gives an extra gel layer for soft touch and comfort.Its made of Kraton compound for durability.

Its Textured pattern on top for improved traction is the best. Extra gel layer for soft touch and comfort, made of Kraton compound for durability, large palm pad area for vibration dampening protection. The textured pattern on top for improved traction.